Remove owner details from Go630

Apr 2, 2015
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Hi I want to sell my Go630 as my new car has sat nav built in. However I don't know how to remove our set up owner info from the device so the new owner doesn't have to log on as us or have our address stored as home. I can't find out how to do it and have tried to reset the device which didn't work. Any ideas please?
Thank you
Not sure what sort of reset you performed. A Factory Reset should send you back to a vanilla unit. Depending upon your firmware level,

Main Screen / Change preferences / ?6? (give or take) right arrows / Reset factory settings

Careful about trading for an in-dash system. Find out if it supports features you depend upon with your 630 (e.g., custom POI), and how often, where, and how much for map updates.
If you decide to go through with a sale, you should sign in with your current user name and password and change both fake, easy ones.
The buyer will now be able to sign in with the fake account and change it to his liking.

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