Remove Europe Map replace with UK only map

Jul 18, 2010
Newcastle-on-Tyne UK
TomTom Model(s)
One (30 Series)/125/130 (512 MB) and XXL Classic - 2GB TTS
I have a classic xxl 2GB TTS with western europe maps installed. I would like to remove them to computer and replace with a UK only map. Which files do I have to remove before I download a UK map from TT. I have a windows saved copy of all the files on my TT Joe
That should do it, then. The folder you need to copy to the computer would be the one called something like Western_Europe. And the contents of that folder, of course.

Remember where you have stored it on the computer, though. :D
Interested to know why, Joe...
Space? Reduced detail on the 2GB Europe map? Speed of routing? Something else?
My wife is a nervous passenger so I have decided not to hire a car if we go abroad any more and save myself a lot of stress so I will stick to just driving in the uk and go cruising for holidays @ 69 I want a stress free life :)
OK... but can't you just stick with your existing Europe map for that?

I've got Euro maps on several TomToms but only ever drive in the UK these days and it's not an issue at all.
the TT only searches for locations in the UK, because there's a little flag icon that you need to tap if you want to ask it about places in another country

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