Remove or disable Mapshare changes

Nov 24, 2011
Is there a way to either remove or disable map share changes? I have some routes which are taking detours which I would like to disregard.
It's not done on the unit, it's done using Home. Fire up Home with your unit connected, look under Tools across the top, and you'll find the TomTom Map Share item there. You can both remove all MapShare elements from your computer and unit, and you can disable the reception of any new ones there.
You may want to consider just tightening up on the ones you'll accept. There's some mystery to the source of each 'level', but it might be worth trying 'trusted sources' or higher to see if that level eliminates the issues you had but still leaves you with some useful mods to the map.
I have had Tom Tom's for 5-6 years with no issues. I have kept them current without any strange routing. This is a refurb 340XLM which I reciently acquired. After updating it I tried a route leg to Clarksville, TN from Sanibel,FL. In Chattanooga traveling North on I24 I got routed to local streets to byass something mysterious. I tried to force the route to use I24, but it failed due to whatever the mapshare update was trying to avoid.
removing the mapshare allowed proper routing.

Would be nice to be able to add/remove and interrogate these modifications.
I have had Tom Tom's for 5-6 years with no issues. I have kept them current without any strange routing.
It's the luck of the draw with MapShare if you open it up too 'wide' for changes. All it takes is one person making an inappropriate change in an area in which you are driving to find yourself in some peculiar routing situations. You're far from the first to encounter this. For example, if there's a road closure at night due to some construction, and someone records that improperly -- well, that certainly messes with any routing there!

As I say, tightening up on your tolerance for sources may eliminate the problem and still provide you with some useful updates.

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