Remove 2535 U.S. map and install European map

Is there any way to remove U.S. map and install European map on the 2535M?
I am not absolutely certain, but I believe that the 2535 has a slot for a SD card. If that is the case, you should have no problem with having adequate space for a map that is larger than your current map. (The presence of enough internal memory may not be a concern on the 2535, but I know that the Europe map is larger than the US map, and mention it just in case the internal memory of the 2535 does happen to be an issue.)

From there on, it is just a matter of going to TomTom's web site and purchasing the map you want to install. The MyTomTom software on your computer should manage the download and installation of the new map after you have purchased it. The MyTomTom software will also allow you to delete the US map if you wish to do so. That map can later be restored from your online account with TomTom, if desired.

With best wishes,
- Tom -
Both of my charts show no uSD slot on the 2535, either.

I'm really not clear about what the current production version of MyTomTom looks like. Be certain that you have the most recent version found here:

If you connect your unit with that version running, and you select the Manage option, does it show an "Uninstall" button option next to your current USA map?

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