Start 40 Message: There is not enough free space. You need to remove 142 mb.

There should be a slot for a microsdhc card where the cable connects to the device. Put an 8 gb or 16 gb card in there. 4 is too little and 32 is too much.

Let the device format it and MyDrive will install maps on it when it sees enough free space. Try for a well known brand and class 10 speed.
TomTom (ill advisedly, IMHO) re-used the Start 40 name on a very recent unit. Are you running the older Start 40 that uses Home to access, or one of the brand new units that uses MyDrive? Makes a huge difference to the answer.

Because you specified Start 40/45 in your profile, I am guessing that you have the older 'Home' version. 142mb is quite a bit to remove, and your Start does not have (AFAIK - contrary to dhn's comment) a uSD card slot. If it does, please advise so that I can update my chart.

If your serial number starts with "GT", it is the older model that works with Home, and we'll see how much we can pare down.
Thank you for the responses. The model is GT31. Updating has never been a problem before. Are there things I can remove without hurting functionality? Voices? Cars? Etc?
I assume this all comes as a result of trying to update to map 950? Over time, maps keep increasing in size due to added roads, mapped parking lots, road names and other features.
142MB is quite a bit to remove. Even a computer (text to speech) voice occupies only about 40MB.
I think you may be the first user with a Start 40 to hit this wall here on our board, but other users have been offered 'zoned maps' for units that can no longer hold the full map. For example, you may have the entire N.A. continent on your unit now (US/ Can/Mex), and dropping back to only the US map might be sufficient to get a fit into existing memory. When you operate Home to update, does it mention anything about alternative maps? For example, they have broken the map up into western and eastern U.S. plus Canada, and a variety of other options. If you previously had the full map, you can swap back and forth whatever 'zone
Just checked on this option without 'zones'. Here are the sizes for a couple versions of 950:

USA only = 1770.49 MB
USA and Mexico = 1934.58 MB

So if you drop Mexico, you would not have to go (yet) to a zoned U.S. map. If Home isn't suggesting something like this, you'll have to contact customer support to have them push the right (USA only) map to you.
Home is suggesting USA and Canada, Safety Cameras, QuickGPSfix, and Map Share. I really appreciate your response on this. It has been very frustrating and I have been going in circles!
The Website has been telling me that Start 40 should use MyDrive. Neither My Drive nor Home have been giving me the support I need.
Whoa! If your device serial number begins with the letters "GT", it definitely uses Home, not MyDrive. As I say, there was a recent Start 40 put on the market (again, stupidly!) that bears no resemblance to yours. The fact that Home is talking to your unit at all assures us that you are using the correct software.

Since Home continues to suggest USA/Canada, I would definitely recommend that you get in contact with customer support about offering you either zoned map options, or just the USA map by itself. Reducing the map by the size of Canada will bring you well within the available space on your unit. The amount of space you'd have to free up would be a real hit to your unit, if we could get that much off at all.

Which map do you have loaded on your 40 now? USA/Canada, USA/Mexico, USA/Canada/Mexico? I'm guessing USA/Canada since it should be offering to replace what is already on the unit.
I just found my "device profile" on Home. It says I have USA-Canada. My current map version is 930.5605. I just tired calling Support. Not working today. .Have not used them before. Do they charge for support?
No, no charge for support.

I notice that you said Home was suggesting updates for "Home is suggesting USA and Canada, Safety Cameras, QuickGPSfix, and Map Share." It would not suggest the full map update unless you had a subscription, but you say your current map is 930?? That's a full year old now.
As I understand, I get lifetime maps. I am not aware of a subscription. I have not updated since last year. I really don't use it that much, but need it for an upcoming vacation. Just tried to plan a route wth my device not connected to computer and it says Version 9.510. I am confusted!
Very good, then - must be a Start 40M or 40TM. They owe you a new map! Be advised that they are updated quarterly.

9.510 is your firmware level (has not changed). It's your map that needs updating from 930 to 950.
Success today! Very pleased with call to support. Needed to reformat my device and re-download the files. Apparently there was a corrupted file on my device. I now have the updated map of US and Canada without having to just use sections. Thank you for your help!
Glad that worked out. Just be aware of the fact that as the map grows, you'll get pushed into zoned maps eventually. It's not all bad since you can swap needed zones on and off at will since they will be cached on your PC. Once you have them there, you won't have to download them again (until new maps come out!).
Success today! Very pleased with call to support. Needed to reformat my device and re-download the files. Apparently there was a corrupted file on my device.
Additional suggestion, if you have not done it already, make a PC, not HOME, back up of your device.
Your PC recognises the device as a separate drive letter. Make a new folder on your PC and copy the GPS to it.

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