tomtom630 voices question

Sep 12, 2010
I just bought my tomtom 630. Must say I am not to happy with it.
There is a few things I have to test, but I have a question on the voices.
There is a few options ( I leave in Canada) I can choose. There is a computer voice and a human voice. The computer voice is very annoying, it breaks and is not clear at all. When I change it to another, a human voice, the thing says that it won't operate in some cases (don't remember exact words). What's up with that?
I tried to get some new voices from a CD, but since I am on Mac the CD is not working. Can I download voices from somewhere?

Thanx for any help
Also, I dowloaded a voice, which I uploaded to my GPS. Saved both files: chl and vif into the voices folder in my GPS. When I look for it, it's there but grayed out so I can't use it. Any reason? how can I make it work?

thanx again
I presume you mean a 'chk file, not a chl file.

In any event, you can download voices -- computer and recorded -- using Home's Add Voices.

Then you should be able to use Home to install the voices on your unit.

Computer voices do not work if trying them using the emulator (Operate my Go).
Ya, I meant chk file.
Where is "Home's add voices"?
Do you mean the software that came on a CD? I find it useless since I am on Macintosh and the CD is not working. My comp just spits it out.

That's what I mean, yep.

Try uninstalling your version of Home and getting a fresh copy for the Mac from here

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