TOmTom Go630 still a good buy?

Jun 20, 2011
Hi All, this is my first post here. I am looking for my first gps. I see Walmart has the Go 630 on for $98. I also read its becuase their discontinued. Is this a good buy at this price? Will it be useless in a year? I know this is a Tomtom forum, but if this one is no good, maybe someone can direct me to a tomtom or other brand that suits me. I would like, text to speech, spoken street names, exspeeding speed limit warnings, touch screen of course, 4.3 screen, auto re-routing. Thats my main features I think, There are some deals for under $100 locally right now on models like the Garmin 255W. IS this a comparible model?
The 630 and 740 were the last two models in the U.S. that were built on the 'old' platform. In this case, 'newer' isn't necessarily better, either. The 630 is a very capable little unit, and although it's unlikely that it will ever see another firmware upgrade, it does what it does quite well.

It's very configurable, will hold all of the maps you could ever hope to own if need be (it has a functional SD slot) and all of the features it's supposed to have are actually in place :D and as long as you've got a copy of your maps, there's practically no ditch you can get into with it (figuratively, of course!) that we can't help you with here.

At $98, it's a good deal. All of the features you have requested (and more) are part of the package. It certainly won't be useless in a year. Even the real 'antique' TomTom's out there are still getting map support. The downside is that TomTom isn't offering their "one time good deal" lifetime map subscription for this model. If you want quarterly updates, they're being offered for $40 a year, assuming that you update your 630 to the current map level right away.

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