is google separating from teleatlas

It doesn't show on my 815 map. And I saw it the first time on Google Maps yesterday.
It wasn't even available last week when Google introduced Street View in the Grater Toronto Area.
I just noticed Google Maps in my area now shows property lines for lots in my neighborhood.

But it also shows two streets that do not exist.
I emailed Google a week ago, because when I needed directions all of a sudden none of the addresses in my neighborhood exist anymore. The graphics are still there, but for any address within a mile of my house, and including my house are now mapped to a swamp 3 miles away. So much for getting proper directions from them.

I've checked back again a few times and the addresses only now work if you put in the town, not the zip code. If you use the zip code, it still maps them to the swamp.

And no, they have not responded to my emails either!

Did they want us to stop using their maps?
We now have to find a different map service that uses the ones from Tele Atlas so we can find out if it is worth spending the money on a map upgrade. shows the latest Tomtom map, if you need to verify a road before an update.

Actualy I fond in the past that the Google Maps and the latest TT map wern't the same even though they both came from Tela Atlas. What I found is that the TT map was an older verson than the Google Map.even after getting the latest TT map.

I've found it takes about 2 months for a new Teleatlas map to make it to Tomtom. Google used to load it within 1-2 weeks after Teleatlas release.

Yes, I realize that, my point was that I think that google stopped updating the Teleatlas maps sometime before May, as my 830 map had corrections and additions that did not show up in google maps. Not since the 825 map did I notice anything show up in google before it showed up on a TomTom map update.

A few map quarters ago, I noticed that Teleatlas wasn't 100% in sync with Tomtom maps. Back before the merger, Tomtom said they validate their vendor's maps and make their own updates before releasing it. I think Tomtom had a queue of updates, since the February Tomtom map had thousands of mapshare fixes on day 1. That didn't happen on May and August maps, so I think the Tomtom/Teleatlas integration started occurring and Teleatlas mostly caught up.
I just noticed something tonight on Google maps (possibly been there before but I did not see it).
In the bottom RH corner there is now a box Report a problem.

I wonder if that is a volley across the bow of Tele Atlas in the Droids war as this would be a fast step for MapShare like changes if invoked very fast.
When google switched from Teleatlas to their own maps in the US, the button showed up at the same time.

They are attempting the same thing as Teleatlas or Navteq, allowing users to inform them of map updates.
Google's "report a problem" feature is working pretty well I have to say. After Google switched from Tele Atlas I noticed that two small portions of road where missing near a highway exit close to my work. I used the feature to report that particular problem and within a coupe of minutes after doing so I received an e-mail stating that my submission was received and that it would be looked into. A couple of days later I got another e-mail stating that I was right and that they would implement the change. I then had the option to be notified when the map was updated. I never received that notification but about two weeks later the map included the previously missing stretches of road.
Yes, Google's map was sourced on public data and for the most part it initially stunk outside major cities. But that should be resolved in short order since their goal is that all corrections get responded to within 30 days, so that is a very ambitious correction timeline.

Tomtom's missed the boat by its slow response speed to user updates since the mapshare launch, however if you read between the lines at it appears they've been just too busy with the Teleatlas integrations.

They've been quickly ramping up their user-supplied map-correction capabilities:
map 825 - 50 thousand edits globally
map 830 - number of edits unnanounced
map 835 - 500 thousand edits globally
map 840 - 1.25 million edits globally

Map 840 is the first time I saw a significant improvement in my mapshare issues. So I have hope that Tomtom will catch up to the mapshare backlog soon.

I 'm guessing that the biggest issue in comparison to Google is the Tomtom delay. Currently, there is a 2-month delay in getting a Teleatlas Map into a Tomtom, and a much longer delay getting new roads into Teleatlas. So far, the fastest new road that I saw implemented was a December 2008 highway in Rhode Island that was implemented 9 months later in August's map 835.
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