Google Chrome vs IE 11

Mar 30, 2008
I cannot get my MyTomTom for my TT 2435 to open and get updates when I use my laptop which is running Windows 8.1 with IE 11. After speaking with a TT tech, he suggested we used Google Chrome and things worked perfectly when I connected my device to the computer. Why is IE 11 not cooperating? I would prefer to get my updates without going to Chrome just the way I do when I use my desktop pc that's running Windows 7 with IE10. Is there anything that can be done short of getting IE 10 back for the Windows 8.1 and removing IE 11...if it can be done? Thanks.
Direct from someone who seems to have it running:

- always run the MyTT app as administrator (pin it to the task bar, right click, right click again, properties, compatibility setting, tick run as administrator)
- make sure that the Shockwave Flash is enabled in IE add-ons
- add to the compatibility view
- make sure the IE11 is set to open the pages ALWAYS in desktop view (not IE view or don't let IE to decide)

Meanwhile, the fact that all of this shouldn't be necessary should be reported by TomTom from users who experience this problem.
Thanks for the info. Progress was made, but I still cannot get the computer and my TT to connect. I am instructed by the screen to download the TomTom Support Application every time before I can proceed to update my device. After the download, nothing changes.
I followed most of your suggestions except for the last one. I'm not sure what you mean by having "IE 11 set to open the pages ALWAYS in desktop view." Maybe this is the cause of my problem?
IE11 in desktop vs. 'Metro' view is what I believe he was saying.
Success! When I click the pinned red TT icon in the taskbar, from your desktop and go directly to MyTT, the GPS and the computer connect and then I am able to update my device! I hope I've expressed myself clearly. Thanks to Canderson for the earlier suggestions.

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