Impossible voice creation...for me!

Oct 24, 2013
I've bought my wife a TomTom for Chirstmas and thought, wouldn't it be a lovely surprise if my voice was on there - little did I know the pain I'd have to go through. Ok, it's completely my fault for not knowing anything about computers but still! Any help here would be appreciated.

I've managed to create all 59 voice commands and have them saved in one place and they're all OGG files. It's the next bit I'm finding impossible. It says the viftool is zipped or something and so I looked about and was told to download winrar, I did this and downloaded viftool and got this:

Ok, so I hope that's right, I've dragged that file to the folder where my voice clips are and I have ended up with this:

Ok, I don't know whether that's right or what but assuming it is the next CMD bit really has me beat. I don't know what to type, literally. Here's what I've tried:

Can someone please, please, please help me?


Welcome to TTF.

One of our moderators, Andy_P, just happens to be a sound engineer! :D

So, check back into this thread in the next 24 hours or so and I expect he will have seen your post and will also offer sound (no pun intended) guidance........
Shouldn't it be cd c\: instead of cdc\: ?
ISTR that the space between cd (change directory) and C\: is required.


Glad it worked for you.

I never tried to use my own voice. Don't like it when I hear it from a video.

Your scenario wouldn't work at all.
Even if SWMBO would ever use a GPS, she would drive in the opposite direction it it were my voice that told her where to go!


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