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Jul 14, 2013
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I'm looking for technical information to repair my 910 . It is impossible to recharge it cause, I imagine, a connection problem. When I put it on the car mount or home dock the light on the left top turn on but the battery is not charging. ( the write under the battery logo doesn't appear).
I changed the battery but the problem remains.
Can sameone tell me how to repair or change the tom tom power supply back connector?
Thank yuo
When you had the unit apart to replace the battery, did you happen to look closely at the board to see if there were any charred components? It happens, especially to one particular zener diode.

What has led you to believe the problem is the USB connector?
Till yestarday I was able to charge it pushing by hand the tom tom( from the top to the dock) to the dock station till the write "in carica" appeared on the screen. In the car it was more difficult couse the road jumping ( during the driving tom tom often ask me if I want to connect to pc). Today I was not able to find the right position in the car an the battery go down till the end. Now I cannot recharge it on the dock couse I cannot find the right position reading the write under the battery logo. For this reason I think it's a bad connection problem
It does sound like you've correctly identified it, then.

I've not seen the inside of a 910 (or 710, for that matter), so I'm not sure if it uses the same surface mount USB connector as the x20 and later models. I'd start by opening it up again and assuring that the connector hasn't started to shift on the board (not good), and evaluate whether your soldering skills are up to removal and replacement of the USB connector.

As for replacement parts -- I have no idea what you have access to in the way of distributors in Italy. Here, I either use Digikey or Mouser Electronics. If you shoot a super-zoom shot that clearly identifies the pin layout on the board, perhaps we can at least recommend a substitute part that you can try to locate there. As I say, I am not confident in recommending the connector used for later models since I don't know for certain how yours looks.
thank you for your help

i'l check the matter

just the last question: is there a way to recharge the battery removing it from the tom tom?

Answer is "Yes, but".

You'd need a charger specifically designed for lithium ion charging (which uses a combination of both constant voltage and constant current in its charging cycle). The 5V output from a regular TomTom charger cannot be used. All those do is supply a constant 5V to the device. The actual charging circuitry is internal to the TomTom.
the very last question :D:

where can I find a 910 tom tom connector scheme?

i mean: does the power came fromt the A connector (see enclosed pic) or from one of the the B pins?

thank you



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The A Connector is for an external aerial.
TomTom do not release pin-outs for the connectors on recent models, but you may be in luck finding a drawing for the 910 on OpenTom.

Unfortunately, the OpenTom website seems to have gone and none of my bookmarks work any more. However, they still exist as a closed forum. You can join here:

You can also search their archives (here) and I did find a .pdf of the connectors for the original GO (http://lists.gnumonks.org/pipermail/opentom/attachments/20041108/822e21e8/TomTomGOdockingconnector.pdf). But that won't be of any use to you as they changed the connectors between the original GO, and the GOx00 and x10 models so they only had one.
Battery charge

Hi. My TT Go Live 1000 is almost two years old and the battery will not charge at all. This results in the Live services not being available, as, they shut down when the battery is low, which it is all the time, even though it is on the car mount and connected. Has anyone any suggestions?
A new battery?

That said, are you sure the power is going to the device when the cable is attached to the cig lighter? Can you charge other devices that way (like a mobile)? Can you try in a different car? Does it charge when connectd to the computer?
I have tried it in another car and also connected to my computer. I know that it is trying to charge, but, the battery will not take any charge at all. As soon as I disconnect the power supply, it switches off by itself, showing a low battery icon.
My daughter had the same problem with the same model after just over 11 months and Tom Tom replaced it under warranty, but, mine is out of warranty.
There are Sat Nav shops in the UK which will do battery replacements. Use Google to do a search.
Thanks for the information. I assumed that only Tom Tom did repairs. I have requested a quotation from a repair company.
....the battery will not charge at all. This results in the Live services not being available, as, they shut down when the battery is low, which it is all the time, even though it is on the car mount and connected. .

You sure about that? I have a GO940 with a completely shot battery, but it still gets LIVE Services when connected to external power.

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