via 125 - buy new maps impossible?

Jul 16, 2011

i purchased a via 125 europe and the shop assured me that this model has a micro sd card slot for buy and use other maps.

I have to go in the united states and wanted to buy the USA and Canada map. The card slot exists, but it seems that it is not available / compatible with my model any map, nor for dowload (paid) from the tomtom website neither by buying the related map on the microsd card.

Is it true or I have understood something wrong?

thanks in advance for your answer



Sadly, you have misunderstood nothing. The ability to 'activate' the sd card via a software update AND the capability to purchase any maps other than updates of the original on 1X, 2X, Via, Start 20 and Go 8X models does not yet exist........

p.s. Don't shoot the messenger. :cool:


Aw, why not? I've been wanting to use this smiley for ages!


What amazes me is the amount of money TomTom leaves on the table until they sort out the ability to at least move maps on/off this series, and better, to support those that do have an SD slot.

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