Via 125. No sound at all

Jun 17, 2017
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Via 125
I acquired a Tom Tom Via 125 for use in USA and Canada, everything works well apart from No sound at all. Did soft reset, downloaded new voices, did the reset on unit itself but still same. I'm new to Tom Tom so any advice is gratefully received.
If you reboot by holding down the power button for 20 seconds, and releasing it when you see the TomTom logo appear, do you hear the 'drum' sounds during the rebooot? If not, then you've got an issue with either the speaker, the wiring to the speaker, or the components driving the speaker.
I've done that and didn't here anything, the logo appeared before 20 secs. If its a hardware problem is it fixable?
Did as you said, held button for over 20 seconds and it went blank until a load of white typing appeared like a system info page with A clock counting. After about 20 seconds the screen stayed the same so I turned it off and back on. Still no sound!
Yes, you'd need to let go of the button sooner. Holding it that long takes you to the black and white diagnostic page.

That said, when the device does reboot and the logo comes up, there should be sound with that no matter what state things are in firmware wise. So I'm back to post #2.
If it's just the speaker, that's easily tested (by someone who can disassemble and has a little skill) by applying 1-1/2V battery across speaker terminals to see if it does anything. Should pop and scratch a lot as contact is made with the battery voltage. If not, speaker is dead. Next trick is finding one of correct approximate size to replace. However, if speaker makes noise, the problem is either connection to board by speaker wire (fixable) or driver on board for speaker. The latter isn't something that is going to be fixable.
Sorry, Andy, I wanted to make sure that you have held the button long enough for the sound to come on.
The diagnostic screen proves that you did.
At this stage canderson is the only one who can possibly help you here.
Thanks for all your advice and help, I will test the speaker when we get home from our North American travels, having not used Tom Tom before I am impressed even though no sound.

Thanks Again


Finally home from trip and dismantled Tom Tom to find a blue wire unattached at one end.
Also is the arrow pointing to the speaker and please advise on how to test it
Managed to test speaker with a battery now having thought about it and the speaker crackles so that rules out the speaker.
I reckon the blue wire is the GPS aerial and it looks like a board fault.

Thanks again
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Yup. If you can get the speaker working with a battery, holding down the power button for a reset and not hearing anything at all precludes any issues with sound or voice files -- the device handles that sound at a much lower level of code ... indicating a board issue. All connections between speaker and board are 100%?
Yes, all connections good. Put it all back together and works exactly the same with no sound so obviously a board fault.
Many Thanks for all your assistance and help

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