TomTom ViaLive125 not connecting after update

Jul 7, 2010
I have Tom Tom ViaLive125 which was working perfectly as I changed over one of my maps recently and reinstalled the UK maps which have been fine.

Today I decided to purchase a new voice so when I connected tom tom to my pc with widows xp home sp3, I was prompted to install updates which I did but now it will not recognise my device at all

I have tried new cables, new installations different computers bur still nothing

First, I will assume for the moment that it was the MyTomTom application that was offering the update. If so, what item(s) was it offering to update for you?

Go back to the original cable and computer for a moment. Press and hold the power button on your 125 until you hear the TomTom 'drums' and then immediately release the power button.

Does MyTomTom recognize your device now?
Guess we need to see if it's your PC not recognizing the device or MyTomTom. When you plug your 125 in, open up Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager. You should see the 125 listed under "Network adapters". Does it appear there?
Try a different cable, a different USB connection on the PC, and a different PC, if possible.

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