How to download My TomTom on my Mac

Thanks for the info dhn but this download worked for when I was on my Dell PC but when I connected my Mac and tried to download the Mac download it didn't exist. Only TomTom home and My TomTom was available.
I remember seeing the Mac download when I was downloadng it on my Dell PC but when I connected it to my Mac the only downloads available were for My TomTom and TomTom Home only in the Windows version.

You aren't seeing the above? ('Download for Mac' link).

What browser are you using?
I see the above screen but where it says Download for Mac on the bottom it only says Download for Windows.
Being a Mac, I click on the Safari icon that takes me my ISP Shaw Connect. I type in the as suggested above in the powered by google space.
The end result is the above screen you have displayed but Download for Windows is the only thing displayed.????
Can you try a different browser on the Mac if there is one? Or perhaps there is an updated version of Safari or something???
A combination of a different browser and the above link resulted in my ability to download TomTom "in the Mac version".
Thanks to everyone in the above help!!

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