how to copy Favourites from old to new


Jun 12, 2016
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TomTom Model(s)
Go 730 and a new 510
After asking questions on here and using Google I found out how to copy my favourites from my Go 730 to my new 510.
First find the maps.cfg file which is contained in each map you have on the device, in m case it's Weatern Europe and USA.
copy each of these files to where you can find them on you computer. Save them and now look for a bit of software called PoiEdit you can download it here
When you have PioEditor open it and click on create a poi file. In this you can edit the file by deleting duplicates as well as other stuff. When you have finished editing save the poi as OV2 file again some where you can fing it on your computer and give it a name you will recognise on you new device. Next open TT My drive connect and connect your device. Next click on My drive plan routes and view traffic, next click on my places when this pops open you will see favourites and poi file, click on poi files at the bottom of the list you will see import poi file, then just look where you have saved these OV2 files and import them to your device and hey presto the will appear in your my places on your new device.
Hope this helps.

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