how copy and tranfer favourites


Jun 12, 2016
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TomTom Model(s)
Go 730 and a new 510
How can I copy my favourites off my Go730 to my new 510?
Thanks for the reply.
I have the files on my laptop that contain the favourites and I tried the tool. But the 730 uses TT home and the 510 uses TT myconnect and I cannot use TTHome on the new 510 or use My connect on the 730.
Oh ok I'll givi it a go (pardon th pun) thanks
Tried your suggestion, the sofware said it had copied off my old 730 then when I connected my new 510 it said all that had been copied was now on my new device. but when I checked my places and everything else there was nothing there. So that didn't work for me.
I have the .cfg file on my pc, is there any way I could use them?
Try a drum reset on the unit by holding the power button about 20 seconds till you hear the drum sounds. Then go to My Places, click it and scroll down.


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Thanks for your help on this subject. I have now managed to copy my saved _favs to my places on my new 510. Thanks again. I post how I did this later.

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