copying favorites between iPhone and GO730

Dec 11, 2008
TomTom Model(s)
GO 730

Poked around and can't seem to find the answer. Can I copy the favorites from my iPhone to my GO730? I have no problem accessing the file structure of the iPhone. I had read that there is a configuration file that contains the info. Where is that found on the iPhone and can it be copied directly, or can the favorites info be copied from the file and pasted to the G730?

Heading out on vacation and have the trip planned on my iPhone, but want to have the GO730 as a back up and for my wife to follow along and navigate.

I doubt they will be directly copyable as the file that contains the favourites on a normal TomTom (mapsettings.cfg) also contains some other preferences settings for the main program, and I suspect they will be totally different on the iPhone.

Now... does TomTom on the iPhone allow you to create or use custom or "third party" POIs?
If it does, then you may be able to convert your Favourites into a new POI category (one-by-one via the normal menus) and then export that to the TomTom as they will probably be in the standard .ov2 file format.

(I think I remember reading somewhere that the iPhone may need to have been "jailbroken" to be able to load/save POIs though)
Good idea, but I don't think the iPhone will let me do that. I may be left with doing it manually. There is only 10 or so stops, but would have been nice not to have to do the work again.

Thanks for the follow up, much appreciated.

Well, you know how you know you've done something before and just can't figure out how to apply it to the current problem. Back in the day I use to use both my TomTom 730 and my hand held Garmin's for Geocaching. I knew I had used software to transfer the POIs, waypoints and tracks/ITN files back and forth. After some routing the program I use to use was TYRE. It will allow you to manage and transfer POI files between TomTom and Garmin units and I used it all the time to do just that. I use Streets and Trips for trip planning, which can export to GPX (Garmin) files. Since I simply exported to GPX from S&T then TYRE slid them nicely into ITN flies on the 730. The iPhone was already done, because that was really easy input the points.

Problem solved.

In case it helps anyone else out, there is a free version of TYRE, you can check it out using the link below.



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