Mapshare corrections copying to identical device.

Jul 11, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
I have two GO9000 devices, one of which has my complete mapshare corrections already done.
I wish to copy these from one device to another directly.
I have tried the advice from other users as below.

copy Mapuserpatch.dat from map dir to map dir on new.
copy userpatch.dat from root to root on new.
Device powers on but no corrections transfer.

I the tried copying mapsettings.cfg from map dir to map dir in new, but device failed to power on until I removed this.

App version is 8.398
Map is Europe v860.3101

Thanks in advance for any help.
I am clueless. You have performed exactly the steps we would have recommended to you and have been used successfully by other users in the past to clone their MapShare elements between devices.

I am bothered, though, that the mapsettings.cfg file transfer was not successful. That should copy your favorites and the like readily from one unit to the other. When you say "device filed to power on", can you be more specific? Did it just get 'stuck' on the splash screen, or continually reboot, or ??? This is most often remedied by docking the unit, then using Home to run the emulator ("Operate my --whatever--"), and adding and deleting a favorite. That forces a rewrite of the file and usually makes things happy. I only assume that the 9000 series devices are supported in with an emulator in Home of that sort.
Many Thanks for your reply.

With mapsettings, the device hangs on TOMTOM screen.

I am unable to operate the device with TOMTOM home, it is not compatible with the GO9000.
Would it have the same effect if I transfer the file, disconnect, and then add/delete a poi or mapshare correction?

The problem is, if I understand your situation, you'll not be able to get to the screen on your unit that would allow you to add/delete a new favorite... with the mapsettings file from the other unit, don't you get stuck at the splash screen?

What is troublesome is that they aren't giving you proper emulator support on TomTom Home for a 9000. I didn't realize that was the case.

Any of our other mods have any ideas of how to get around this?
I wondered if the below was possible, just as a thought.

If I make a complete copy of a device I have programmed, could I then copy this onto the recipient device, minus any security map files?

ie i would copy all files to recipient device, apart from anything which is security coded.

What files have to stay the same on the recipient for the loaded map to work please ie which files are coded for device/map combination.
I could try this if I knew, and not change the security reliant files?

You can always download a (free) application for any device. That's not a problem. But no map installed on device A can be copied to device B and have it work.
Hi Sorry, I may not have been clear.

What if restore a backup from my fully programmed device to another device, minus all the 'encrypted' map files, so i get a backup on my new device, but the original map from the new device is left intact?
I am just looking for different ways to acheive copying map corrections.
I have a GO9000, which has lots of mapshare corrections done. i wish to transfer these to another GO9000 device, but have been unable to do so to date, no instructions have worked. I am just trying to think of other ways to do this.
Does your Go 9000 require MyTomTom? If so, there isn't a way to copy mapshare changes as the user has no access to the file system.

What is supposed to work for most N3 devices is that the user is supposed to be able to get mapshare changes that were sent to TT's servers. You need the latest application and the latest version of MyTomTom.

But I don't know if the Go 9000 applies since that is a business, not consumer model.
No, the GO9000 uses Home, but thanks anyway.
Any other ideas relating to map security files would be welcome.
I have restored a backup of my programmed device to the new recipient device. i now get you can not use this map on this device. What files do i need to restore from the original backup, so the original map will work agin on this device, without altering the other files from programmed device?
Did you make a backup of device B before trying to copy stuff from Device A?

If not, well................:rolleyes:
Of course, I am not a newbie to the devices, just to the forum!
I have a full backup of B, and am wondering if I can restore certain files onto this, to enable the full backup of A, to work on Device B, by restoring certain files from backup of B.
The problem he's running into is that the mapsettings.cfg file, when copied to the other device, is locking up the unit, and since there's no proper Home emulator for the 9000 (it's Nav2), he can't play our usual game of using Home to add/delete/mod a favorite to get around it.

I've never been clear just WHY mapsettings.cfg has anything to do with the two other user files, but it seems to be necessary to keep all three files in 'sync'.

As I say, our usual tricks aren't working for him, but I think this is the first time we have ever tried this on a 9000.
After some playing around, I discovered that fully programmed device A backup tranasferred onto clean device B, using windows. As expected I got a map error, until I transferred the original device B Europe-254.meta.dct file from the Europe folder, back to B, this must be the map key. Although recent destinations etc, were saved from A, there were still no map corrections shown on device B. Does this mean the mapshare corrections are stored in the same file as the map key?
Not to my understanding. The corrections should be in the files shown in the link I provided in my earlier post.
No! That little *.dct file is only the key, and you'll notice that it's FAR too small to hold any correction data in any case!

So now I am truly mystified. Having fully copied the content of the 'corrected' unit to the 'uncorrected' unit, the changes should always appear.

How are you confirming which changes are on which unit?

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