Copying maps from sd to sd

May 17, 2010
Hi all

I have recently purchased an SD card of maps of western Europe. It turns out to be unsuitable for my 520 Go. Is there any way I can copy the maps on to my PC hard drive, format a blank SD card in my Tom Tom and copy the maps on to the new SD card. Will this work or should I cut my losses and put the card on Ebay and just buy the correct one?

TomTom does sell maps on sd cards in Europe that are locked to the card rather than to the device when maps are downloaded using Home.

So, a map on a card should work in any TT device with a slot, which yours has. So, what is the problem trying to get it to work? Is it that the map is on a sd card and you need a sdhc card in that model?

Just copying the map from the card to the pc and then restoring to a different card will not work because of the copy protection on the initial card. At least that is my understanding.
I'm unaware of a map that the 520 GO can't read (except fake pirated map cards).

Once the card is in the device, open HOME, choose "external" when prompted, then go to "Manage my GO". Remove all applications on your device.

Then close and reopen HOME, and choose "internal" when prompted. Then go to "Update my GO" and HOME will install the latest application. That application should be able to read your map.

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