Help! Unable to receive GPS signal after connecting to TomTom Home

Apr 1, 2010
Hi all, I really need some help with this...,.

I updated my TomTom using TTHome last night (safety camera, GPSFix, MapShare) and all went ok.
I've gone to use the TomTom XL Live today and it's unable to acquire a GPS signal (outside, and in an area where I get GPS signal straight away). The traffic updates work fine within about 1 min of turning on, it's just GPS.

I've just travelled to work with the GPS on and it's still not got a GPS signal.

Does anyone have any ideas what I can do to get it to work?
I've got a meeting later and really need to use it!

Any help would be most appreciated
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I just reset the device (holding power power for 15 secs) and it acquired a GPS signal in about 45 seconds.
Good to know....

Is there anyway to force and update of GPSFix from the device itself?
Is there a version on the GPSFix file, so I know if I've got the latest?
The gpsquickfix file is normally offered daily. Your experience may be due to a wonky data file. It happens.

Try deleting (using Explorer) everything in the ephem folder on your unit and everything in the ephemeris folder found here:
c:\documents and settings\yourname\my documents\TomTom\Home\Downloads\Complete\ephemeris\

This will force a new gps file to be downloaded.

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