HELP !! Think Ive screwed my pooch ! GO630

Apr 22, 2009
ok hoping all will be ok as I'm still in the middle,

1> I backup up manually my tomtom to a folder on my pc
2> I backup up using home as well to a separate folder on my pc

3> went to do an upgrade and I got a message similar to
"insert a memory card for your new items, they don't currently fit on your navigation device"

So I didn't have an SD card so I wiped my go630
then went through and started the download quite a while later it errord

"saying f:/north_america_2gb#td_canada_trust_green_machines.ov2"
does not exist. so it exited, then when resetting my tt it kept asking for a SD card

went back to home and said that the map hadnt completed, so it did its stuff

now looks like the home is adding more files, go630 and now car and motor navigation

I'm just going through it now and hope I had got problems



looks like its ok now, map v920 on there, and backing it up

BTW copying the mapconfig file got me my favorites back AND my old recent destinations.


I guess you managed to restore from a backup?
Or did Home manage to download everything you needed to get back up and running?

In short, wiping your entire device just because it complains of shortage of space for an update is NOT a good idea. Better to wait a day or so until you can get hold of a memory card.

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