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Feb 22, 2012
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go live 1000
Hi all
Can you help?

I purchased a 750 go live march last year and sometime after that an update enabled my device to auto turn on with ignition but after update on 19/02/2012 that has now stopped and tomtom are unable to tell me why.

Also after update I now have the remaining time to destination showing in status bar which I did not have before and do not want as I am capable to work that out from the present time and estimated time of arrival, there is nothing in status bar menu to enable to turn remainig time off.

One final thing I do not use tomtom cameras but do have live sevices and wish to turn off the flashing red box on left of status bar if i break the speed limit, i know how to turn of the audible warning but not the flashing box, tomtom said if i uninstall tomtom cameras it will stop but as i said i dont have them installed as i use a third party.

Any Ideas???

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The updated application removed the auto-on from Nav2 devices.

Are you sure under status bar preferences there isn't an arrow right to a second screen where you can uncheck remaining distance? Should be (or on first screen).

Don't think you can turn off the flashing warning, not sure.
All I have is
Max speed
Current time
Remain distance
Lane guide
For the first issue, I'm confused... None of my NAV 2 TomTom's ever had auto switch-on. Autoswitch off, yes, but not on.

My Go950 which is still on v9.061 doesn't have it.

Second issue:
TT have changed the options, so some items are ALWAYS shown and only the others as you listed are shown in "status bar options".
It looks like remaining time is one of the "always on" ones.

Third issue:

AFAIK the speed display ALWAYS turned red when you were speeding, but it used to be just a red bar behind the numbers themselves. Now the whole panel turns red.

If you don't like those changes I'm afraid all you can do is complain to TomTom about them or revert to a previous software version.
Missing Auto On Feature

I have exactly the same issue with my GO 750 Live.

Auto On became a new and welcome feature last year following an update. But last week (20/2/12) when I performed another update, the feature disappeared!

What possible reason could TomTom have for removing such a useful feature?

Is there any way I can roll back to the earlier software version? I would happily never update my TomTom ever again, if I thought I could keep my Auto On feature.
Is there any way I can roll back to the earlier software version? I would happily never update my TomTom ever again, if I thought I could keep my Auto On feature.

Easily, if you made a backup at any time before you let Home update it. Just restore the backup.

If not, it's usually do-able, just more fiddly. There's plenty of instructions on how to revert back to earlier software scattered around the forum, but we'd need to know what version you were on before, in order to point you to a download of the right software build.

Thanks for the advice, according to the info on my Tomtom I think I'm using 9.401.862279 updated 15/2/2012 (screenshot attached). I want to go back to the version I updated to last year around September/November time.

And no, I don't have a backup, because Home always seems to try and do the update as soon as I plug in the Tomtom. Rather than let me backup first.

I know that I should have cancelled the update and backed up first. Hindsight eh.

I'll be more careful in future - I promise.


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Thanks canderson!

@ManicMoov it looks from your reply that you were hoping to do your backup with Home. Don't!
See canderson's first paragraph.
Thanks Andy_P, that's good advise.

I backed up (manually), copied over the contents of the .cab file suggested by canderson, and restarted. It launches OK, and I can tell by the speed icon that it is running the older system. Indeed the status screen says it's now running 9.058.568435.999 (new screenshot).

But alas, it will still not auto power on.

Was there perhaps a slightly more recent update (around the end of November) that I could download from somewhere?

Thanks for all your help and advise so far.


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I've just found this post on another forum (posted on 11-16-2011 by keessie74):

Installed new NC 9.061 for x50 on my 940 patched with DSA. No problems at all and TT now automatically turned on when putting it on the cradle. That's a nice feature.

So now all I have to do is find a copy of this Navcore 9.061 to download for my Go Live 550. Although I'm not sure what "DSA" is.

I'll let you know how I get on.
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I found a link

And after installing it, I can confirm that my Go Live 550 now turns on and off automatically with the power from the cigarette lighter socket.

I am indeed a happy bunny.

Now, quickly back everything up (in several different places) and never perform an update again.

Thanks again for everyones help, I truly couldn't have done it without your guidance....

guidance,... navigation,... get it? :yawn:
edit edit edit

Never mind... got caught on Page 2 syndrome.

Glad 9.061 worked for you! It wasn't an 'official' release for anything I own here in the U.S.

I too was pleasantly surprised when I updated my GO750 to navcore 9.061 to find that auto on worked, I haven't found a menu item to select if it is operational or not.

When I did my last update, it changed the navcore to 9.401 and Auto On was not operational anymore.

Luckily I always do a manual backup before I update so I backed up the latest navcore 9.401 upgrade then deleted it from the 750 and reloaded the backup copy of 9.061.

I then copied the New_Zealand folder and the Maps folder from the backup of the 9.401 navcore update to my micro SD card and told the unit to use other map (the maps on the SD card).

I am now operating with Auto On / OFF and the latest maps.

I would like to run the navcore 9.401 update but I really like the Auto On / Off operation so will stick with 9.061

It's crazy isn't it. What possible reason could Tomtom have for introducing such an excellent feature in one update, only to remove it on the very next round of changes? Without even giving us the option to enable or disable the feature.

I'm just thankful that I performed the update last November, or I would never have known about this feature in the first place.
I'm with you ManicMoov

I don't always update, so it was only by accident I updated when navcore 9.061 was available or I would have never got the operation I wished for !!!

It was an even greater surprise when I next updated and found that it had been removed.

Just emphasizes the advice the experts promote BACKUP before you upgrade.


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