Please Help TomTom 750 Problems

Dec 5, 2009
Hi Guys first of all im new to this forum, i never even knew such an active forum existed for TomToms but im sure i will be staying around once i have sorted this problem.

After using my old TomTom one for years the power cable broke and i thought rather than replace it that i would get a new TomTom.

I went and bought a 750 Live and it worked great for the last couple of weeks, then one time when i decided to hook up to my PC for updates it said a new map is available for free due to the latest map guarantee, i downloaded the map but it would not fit on the TomTom even after deleting every last thing on there, the new map is just under 2gb.

I then went out and bought myself a 2gb SD card to expand the memory, i was hoping to put the map on that and all the other files on the internal memory but it won't let me use both memorys, either the card or the internal so i am back to square one 2 x 2gb memorys both too small.

Is there any way i can get the TomTom to use both or have i wasted my money? I now have a dead TomTom with nothing on it and i can't see any way to get it working than to buy another card.

Im after some help and advice about where to go from here, is my only option to get a 4gb card? Im not very happy about doing that but if i need to i need to as long as a 4gb card will deff work! My TomTom is useless at the minute and i need it all the time for work.

Please help cheers Lee.
A 4GB card would be easier and the device can support up to 32GB card capacity!

What you need to do is put the map on the memory card and leave the other files/ folders on the device, the device will then find the map and use it, if Home won't let you put the new map on the memory card post back and we can tell how to achieve this in fairly easy to understand steps - you shouldn't need anything larger than a 2GB card as yet, but the way new maps keep increasing in size its only a matter of time before 2GB is going to be too small, for now though you will be OK - Mike
Thats great news mikealder, if i can do it without TomTom home then great! I Do i just need to put the "Europe 2GB" Directory on the memory card or do i need some of the other directorys aswell, i can post a screenshot of whats left on the TomTom memory now if that helps. Im going to start copying over the big Europe 2GB directory now anyways.

Cheers Lee.

PS Great to know it can handle much bigger cards, i nearly bought a 4GB but was unsure if it would work as they were all SDHC or something like that in the shop.
lol It just told me the map is 1.2mb too big for the card so i have deleted the file cspeech_ITA.dat and replaced it with a blank file which makes the map small enough to fit on the card. Now just have to wait and see if it works with the modified file, i chose that as im unlikely to use it in Italy.
Put the Europe_2GB folder on the card and insert it to the device then check the device is using that map by going to Change Preferences/ Manage Maps/ Switch maps and select it from the list.

As for SDHC the device will fully support these so you have no problems with 4GB through to 32GB in capacity - Mike
Depending upon where you are located you can strip out loads of the cspeech_xyz files to conserve space, I stick with just UK and to be honest the speech recognition system doesn't like my accent so I have long since given up with it, I find it much faster tapping the screen than speaking to the device that invariably ends up with me shouting at it in frustration (hours of endless fun for the kids though!) - Mike
Okay mate finally getting somewhere, i have the map working now but the menus look different i can' quite put my finger on it. Also i can't find a place by putting in the Post Code it does not seem to recognise them. I copied all the files from the From Device folder on my PC but it has not helped. It's also lost some voices and i don't have to put in a pin now when i switch it on like i set it before.

I did a backup when i first got my TomTom but i have reinstalled windows on my PC from a clean hard drive and i forgot to back it up from my PC so i can't use that.

Is there any way to put the device back to how it was when it left the factory? I wish i never ever even attempted to update the map lol. If i could send it to TomTom and have them reset the thing i would even if i had to pay.

Thnx for the Help.

Cheers Lee.
What have you got installed on the card, there should be nothing at all other than the Western_Europe_2GB map folder - Mike
Yup thats all i have and it just about fits, by the time the card is formatted it's 18**mb, i used FAT32 by the way i hope thats right.

I have loads of files on the TomTom internal memory though, there was already a lot of files and i copied what i had on my PC onto the root of the internal.

Fixed it

I read your thread yesterday when I was having the same problem. Last night I managed to make the 750 unusable as when it started up it told me I couldnt use the map and wouldnt let me connect to the computer, just went in an error loop.

However this is how I solved it:
1) connected the TT750 to the computer.
2) Held start button down for 15 secs to re set machine. Black and white system details displayed. Appeared to hang so
3) pressed start button on TT750 again and it connected to TTHome
4) It also recognised the mini SD card I had put in (a Nokia one) 2Mb). Previously it wouldnt recognise the Knigston one.
5) I could now select the minisd and tried unsuccessfully to copy maps to it (or anything) by going to <device> in TTHome (top line menu) and selecting the Mini SD.
6) The 2GB Europe map had taken me 3 days to download with various breaks and errors in the process, but eventually it did install on my commputer. I couldnt figure out how 2GB could get onto the 750 with all the other bits needed as the 750 only has a 2GB memory. Actually the 2GB map downloads at 1872.9Mb and installs at 1712.1 on the 750.
7) To do the install, I had to remove map overlays (copied them first to computer). That gave enough space. (TTHome said I only had 42Mb free, so removed the Mapoverlays at 10Mb should ave given 52Mb free. But see item 10
8) In TTHome <add traffic, Voices Safety camers etc> scroll across to <items on my computer> and install map from here onto 750
9) It worked and is usable again.
10) strange thing is that TTHome now shows I have more space on it (78.6Mb as opposed to 46Mb before the map update, and when I downloaded the latest updates it put them on the SDCard when id told it to put them on the internal memory. So something is clealy not quite right with the addressing or space calculations./
11) Or to put it another way, the download from TomTom should have worked correctly in the first place as there is apparently JUST enough space. Though it does lead you to question why they have released a machine with out sufficient memory for expansion.



I too just purchased a new GO 750 Live and had the same problems.

Fresh out of the box as soon as I connected the device to TomTom Home it invited me to install the latest map, which does not work correctly as there is insufficient space on the device. TomTom simply should not have released this map to 750 users knowing it is too large.

The map partially installed and corrupted my device, so I have spent the past three days on TomTom support line trying to get the device working normally again. I have to forgoe computer voices and voice command as the 20MB I have free on the device is not large enough to accomodate the 50MB computer voice files.
Get a 4GB MicroSD card and put the map on the memory card, I cannot believe the first map update to brand new hardware is causing these sort of errors!!! - Mike
I had a 2GB MicroSD laying around and copied the map to it and it now works. Oddly TomTom support staff told me that your main map could only run off the internal memory and not an sdcard - guess they were wrong.
Just curious - since you have the map backed up, have you tried quickformatting the internal memory and letting home reinstall the app, map, and one voice?

There was a bunch of stuff on my 720 (don't know what it was) that took up a lot of space, after a format and HOME reinstall there were no issues fitting the oversied American maps. No 750 in the US so I'm not 100% sure that works out there.
Solution to new map install on internal memory

I have been trying to install the new maps, but they are too large. Finally got a solution from Tomtom support that worked!!!!! I now have the new map, and space to spare on the standard memory!!!!!

This is the solution:

Please note that your device have 2 GB of internal memory and the issue you are experiencing is linked to the released latest maps size. This is not affected by your device, rather by software mistake in map release. I can assume that this issue will be resolved in next map updates release.
At the moment I suggest to follow below steps to resolve installing your latest map.

When downloading a new map, we highly recommend that you connect directly to the Internet with a network cable and not use a wireless network connection. Wireless connections occasionally drop the connection, which means that your map may not download correctly. Please note that you will need a stable and unrestricted broadband connection. If you are at the end of an exchange, you may experience an unstable connection, which can interfere with the map download.

STEP 1 Create a Manual backup of your TomTom device
- Charge your unit for at least two hours (preferably via the home charger)
- Perform a reset on your device (see: TomTom, portable GPS car navigation systems - Support home - Select your product)
- Make a manual backup as shown on TomTom, portable GPS car navigation systems - Support home - Select your product (Please scroll to the bottom of the page to make a manual back up)

IMPORTANT: We advise you to follow the next steps ONLY if you have made a successful backup of your device.

STEP 2 Format your device
- Open My Computer; you will see the TomTom device as a removable disk drive.
- Right click on the TomTom device drive and choose 'Format' (Please make sure quick format is not selected)

After the Format has completed, please disconnect your TomTom device from your computer.
It will now have a red cross on the screen.

STEP 3 Open TomTom HOME
- Log in to your account with your email address and password for your TomTom account.
- On Page 2 of TomTom HOME, click on ?Manage My TomTom -> Items on Computer?
- Tick the option for ?Applications?
- Tick the option for ?Voices?
- Click on ?Remove Selected Items?

STEP 4 Install the Map only.
- Go back into main menu - page one
- Click on Update my GO
- Please tick only the map to be installed when updating device (nothing else yet)
- Click on Update and Install
- Once it's complete, click on Done
- Disconnect the device by clicking on the Blue Eject button in the bottom right

Once installed, we will need to remove some files from the device.

- Go into Start -> Computer
- Open My Computer; you will see the TomTom device as a removable disk drive.
- Double-click to open the TomTom drive and locate your map folder- this will be named after the map you have downloaded, e.g. Western Europe etc. Double-click to open the folder
- In this folder, there are several files named cspeech_XXX.dat where XXX represents the country.
- Please delete all cspeech files except cspeech_GBR.dat which you will need to keep.

After above is complete

STEP 5 Install the Application + voices + all other items

- Reset your TomTom device as shown on TomTom, portable GPS car navigation systems - Support home - Select your product
- Connect it to your computer and THEN turn it on
- HOME will now search for updates automatically. If not please click on ?Update my Device?
- A list of updates should appear
- If there is a TomTom application + voices etc .. please ensure those are ticked
- Click on 'Update and Install'
- Once complete click on Done and your device should reboot itself
- Once it connects again it will look for more updates
- When you have a new list of updates please click on Back
- Disconnect the device by clicking on the Blue Eject button in the bottom right

Your TomTom device should now be up and running with your new map installed.

If you get stuck on this email or you have any further questions, please let me know and I will be more than happy to help you further.

With Kind Regards
The TomTom Customer Care Team
Welcome to TTF.

The solution is pretty much what we suggest for anybody running into a space problem with any model.

However, unless your model has Voice Recognition,you don't even need the cspeech_GBR.dat file. That's all those files ae used for.

Away...make a complete Explorer, not Home, backup of your unit's contents now.

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