TT 750 live - invalid map after update - help!

Mar 20, 2010

I have just purchassed a TT Go 750 live, first impressions are excellent despite the dire manual!
Two problems.

First, Tom Tom Home attempted to upgrade my map - I assumed that this was the free update to the latest map as advertised. I did a backup first and then after several hours of download I was asked to activate the map. This process was for more difficult to my previous tomtom's but I eventually managed to get an activation code only for the tomtom to state that this map was not valid for this device! I restored the backup and am now back at square one (but at least it still works).
I have read lots about memory problems but this didnt cause any problems as TomTom Home deleted things before installing the non-working map.
So how do I update to the latest map using the free map service for new devices?

The second problem - the dire manual says there is a ?10 voucher when registering. As I already had a account for previous devices how do i get my ?10?

Any help would be appreciated,
As I already had a account for previous devices how do i get my ?10?
Uh oh. I have this wee concern that this seemingly innocuous statement could point us to a solution for your map problem. Are you using the same PC for your new unit as you were using for your previous one(s)? If so, what did you massage or delete from your prior Home directory before you started this process, and did you set up a NEW account at TomTom for your new device?
Jullian, you need to connect the device to Home using a NEW account name you cannot re-use the old account for this device as it simply won't work.

I suspect you have logged in with the old account details, Home stupidly offers you an old map that was intended for your original device - this is also why this new map won't work on the new device.

Make a full backup of the device using Windows Explorer BEFORE you do anything else at all - Mike
Thanks. I had assumed that it worked like the Garmin site where you have a simgle account and register all devices!
I will do a backup, try to generate a new account and see what happens.
Done that and it has updated several things excapt the map, I assume that means EUROPE 2GB v835.2445 is the latest version (I cant see this map option in the Shop to check the issue number).
I still have no idea how to get my ?10, not that i am stressed about that unless it is an indication that I have not registered correctly.
I have sent the form off for the 12 month free Live subscription, I wonder how straight forward that will be!
It would appear to be an excellent device (not that I went far this weekend), just a shame the manual and web site are not to the same standard.
Thanks. So what is described as EUROPE 2GB on the device is what the web site calls Western Europe? If so I will try to install 8.45 and will see what happens.
On the free voucher note, you have to ring TT support and go through the motions of asking for your 10 quid and giving them your email address. So long as your device is registered to a different email address (i guess a different one) they will see the new device and serial number, at which point the support guy should email you a huge code to use on their website. I did this and saved myself a tenner on Live services for 12 months.

Good luck sorting your map. If anyone can help, its the guys on this forum!

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