Broken windscreen mount for Go Live 750

Oct 10, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
Go 750 live
I tried to tilt my Go Live 750 Tom Tom whilst it was fixed to the windscreen and it snapped in two - I never knew my grip was that strong!

I've been looking everywhere for a replacement windscreen mount but I keep being told its either out of stock or the product is unavailable/discontinued.

I really want the same type of Tom Tom windscreen mount that you twist to fix the suction pad to the windscreen as its always been very reliable and never fallen off the windscreen - which is more than can be said for the universal mount i'm using at the moment!

I noticed that the only replacement Tom Tom offer is a mount with a traffic thingy attached but its £50.

Is this my only option of a windscreen mount or will any of the other Tom Tom models windscreen mounts fit the Go Live 750?

If my only option is the mount with the traffic thingy is it any good and worth paying £50 for? I used to have a subscription to HD traffic but didn't bother renewing when it expired as I don't use the Tom Tom enough to warrant the extra expense.

Thank you for any or all advice given x


It must have changed since you looked dhn...
When I followed your link just now, the first result was a waterproof case and RAM mount for motorcycle use.

The third listing though, was for the RDS-TMC (traffic) mount at less than half the price the OP was quoted.

I have one of those mounts myself and it works well.
Even though I do have a LIVE Services subscription, if it is not available for any reason, the RDS-TMCTraffic takes over automatically.

Also, if you are searching on eBay, look for all the models Go540/740/940/550/750/950 as they all use the same mount
Also, have you tried

I just had a quick look and they had both the permanent mount and the standard windscreen mount (although that came with a charger as well)

Both seem to be in stock at
Thank you very much for all the helpful suggestions and advice :)

Sadly Amazon are out of stock :(

The BuyBits site is selling them for £50, which is the same price as Tom Tom, but it includes the traffic thingy, so surely if I was willing to pay £50 (which I really would prefer not to pay this amount, wouldn't the better option be to purchase the traffic mount option from Tom Tom?

Is the traffic thingy included on the mount any good for UK based users - is it reliable and trustworthy and it is real time or lag behind, or does it send you off on wild goose chases even though the traffic jam has now cleared?
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Yes, with a 750, that makes sense that you would be (we don't have that model in N.A.)

But? Both links above (Buybits and are shipping from the UK (in later case, the Active Dock mount). even offers Prime shipping. I'm confused.
May I ask what you are confused about -could explain why/what has confused you please and I'll try to rephrase

To clarify

Amazon is out of stock of the Active Dock Mount

The Active Mount on Buybits is the same price as Tom Tom are selling the active dock with the traffic thingy attached (admittedly the permanent Active mount is cheaper but I use the Sat Nav in several different cars, so I need a portable active Dock), so if I have to spend £50 it would make sense to purchase the active mount with the traffic thingy but I was questioning if the traffic thingy attached to the active dock is any good and how often does it refresh/update the info on traffic jams, or does it cause more problems than solving them?

I wanted to know how the traffic thingy works. does it constantly update itself or does it updated at set intervals i.e. every hour, so therefore a traffic jam might have happened or ended in-between the update periods I am really sorry if I've confused you more - causing confusion is a speciality of mine - along with breaking sat nav mounts! :rolleyes::D

Thank you for your advice and help x
There had been a comment, since removed, in your original post about the seller(s) being N.A. based, and you being in the UK. Specifically, "The seller is based in US and I'm in the UK" (we have access to historical versions of posts as moderators). That is what was confusing me. The recommendations from Andy all appeared to be UK sources, though perhaps I missed an important one?

Bummer that Amazon is out of the Active Dock mount. The price on that was quite reasonable -- less than it had once been -- and they've never been provided to us here in N.A. All we've been offered here is the '4 bolt' mount, and for exactly the reason you mentioned (multiple vehicle use), not a solution for us in many cases, either.

The 'traffic thingy' is actually an RDS-TMC receiver that picks up a continuous stream of traffic data from a subcarrier of local FM stations and its information is added to the IQRoutes data to improve routing efficiency. It's actually not bad as a solution, though not as good as the "Live" solution now available, but whether it serves depends a bit on where you are located vs. the FM stations that broadcast the signal (not all do, of course). I see that you're in the area of a major city where RDS coverage exists, but not knowing where all you travel, it would be hard to say if it would be sufficient to deal with whatever your 'normal' driving patterns are. If memory serves, the refresh rate on the data in your part of the world is on the order of 5 minutes or so, though I'll stand corrected by Andy if need be since he's been there and experienced it first hand.


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