Help: Failed update resulted in brick

Dec 5, 2020
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TomTom Model(s)
Have been trying to update a n14644 for the last 2 hours and it constantly fails at data.chk.

Im now at the point where the tom tom wont turn on or update - can still see it as a external device on both windows and mac.

Please could someone try and help?
Hope this helps


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Been able to find the 8.415 one 2009 plus CAB.

whenever i get to data_lis.chk it freezes, can I format the TT and start from scratch?
been able to fix it myself, issue I have now is It is running v825 - 2009

does anyone know if there is an update I can perform even though the product is end of life? not expecting 2020 but something a bit newer than 2009 would help
been able to fix it myself, issue I have now is It is running v825 - 2009
Unfortunately, TomTom is no longer providing map updates to devices with smaller amounts of available memory (yours is only 2GB), especially those with no memory card slot to augment the internal memory. Unfortunately, you didn't update before they cut off that service.
Whether 825 maps are still useful to you depends upon how built-out the areas are that you travel, and how many other changes have been made since that map was released. Sorry.

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