GPS GO 730 showing incorrect position along route

Jun 9, 2011
Hi, Folks,

I did a search and didn't find anything to answer my question. I'm hoping that the answer is here.

When I'm travelling with the auto especially in a city where streets are close together the GPS turn arrow indicator shows a street farther along than where I'm actually situated.

For example, if I'm travelling along Y street looking for X cross street, the the green turn arrow shows X street further along Y even though you are ready to turn on to X.

It's almost as if the GPS is about 1/8 to 1/4 mile behind.

This is disconcerting especially in busy traffic when the GPS shows your turn point further along than where you should turn.

Is this a function of the 730 and is it something that is fixed in later models?

Or is it just a nature of the beast?
Make sure you don't have too many pois showing on your map. That will cause slow screen refresh and a lag. More than maybe four or five categories is too much.
Certainly "too many" POIs will cause slowdowns (and often after an update you'll find that the TT has switched EVERY ONE of your user-POI categories to show on the map, which can really slow things down!) , so it's worth experimenting with them ALL turned off to see if that makes a difference.

But I have used the PGPSWorld speed camera database (26 categories in my case) for years on about 8 different TomTom s and they have all coped with that number of POIs on screen OK.

Some years ago, there was a similar issue where as you were driving you were shown "off track" in a certain compass direction (I think it was south) - so that if the road you were on was running north-south, you were shown ahead or behind your true position. But if the road ran east-west then the "snapping" held your displayed position on the road unless there was a close parallel street, in which case it would jump to that one.

We never really got to the bottom of it, but it seemed like there was an error in the basic maths where the system converts the data from the satellites and converts it to a position on the map that only showed up at certain places and times.

I assume it was sorted in a software update as I've not seen it in ages.
I should have added that I have all the poi's turned off.

Only thing in the trip was start and destination with nothing but the basic map showing on the screen.
I should have added that I have all the poi's turned off.
Then I wonder if you were traveling in a skyscraper jungle at the time. Your description sounds like a very dense major city sort of environment where satellites are blocked and/or signals reflected from tall buildings. When that happens, your position may be slow to update as the unit keeps trying to compute a position from conflicting information.

When this happens the next time, press the little satellite signal strength bar graph in the lower right corner. That will bring up another menu with a similar satellite bar graph display on the right side. Press there and you'll get another screen of the full satellite display. How many bars do you see, how many are blue, and how tall are they?

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