Go5100 - No Map, No Update, No menu access!

Jun 21, 2011
Go 5100 with 32Gb SD card fitted. Has Lifetime Maps, Cameras, etc

SD card checked (more than once), formatted (more than once)

Orange bar on Go5100 screen reports NO map available, click OK (only option offered) and it just cycles back to same screen, unable to get to menu on Go5100 to see or do any more.

Connect on Laptop connects to Go5100, but reports no update required!

Connect will not recognise there IS a SD card installed (have tried several known good ones), and Map exceeds space available on Go5100 without the extra memory, offers NO way to reduce map (it already was "no buildings")
First, take the sd card out and see if it boots properly.

Try a drum reset on the unit by holding the power button about 20 seconds till you hear the drum sounds.
Did this problem just pop up out of nowhere, or did it occur as a result of attempted map update?
At this point, I would recommend the 'recovery' procedure. Just as a precaution, go ahead and do a full FAT32 format of your SD card before starting, then reinsert it into your TomTom.

Turn off your Tom Tom.
Hold down the power button until you see the black and white text on the screen.
Let go of the power button.
Quickly tap the power button three times.
You will now see the recovery screen on the 5100.
Plug your 5100 into the PC and MyDrive should start a reload of your firmware, after which, a map should be available.
Thanks both for replying so quickly! AM away from doing any more tonight (in UK) but will do this recovery process tomorrow.

It occurred during an update (the SD in at the time had been in for months with no issues) when it claimed no space onboard and no card inserted when there was. External check showed loads of room on SD, but as it was stating no map space in the end I formatted it anyway, to no change.
OK, so I went through the firmware recovery process after a couple of false starts as when the TomTom logo appeared I thought it had not worked as no black/white text screen, not realising it came after the logo.

Anyway, it went through the whole process and loaded navigation, but still no map available.

Going to My Connect shows insufficient memory to load the map and fails to show the SD card available at all, BUT the restore process had found it OK as it had put files on it, two folders !!!!!!!!!!

Tried to do the process to "find" the SD but it will not recognise it (and with three different good SDs inc the one that was in it (reformatted). Tried the process supposed to recover from "routes" and not maps storage, still will not recognise a SD card (other than during restore!!)

So still stuck on the "No Maps Available" screen on the device.
Screen Shot 03-25-19 at 07.23 PM.JPG

This was my equivalent to your Abpout screen two years ago,
What is yours showing for map(s) and Free space?
I am not able to get to that screen, or any other menu screen, the 5100 boots into a screen with an orange bar stating no map available, etc, with only the option to press OK. This then blanks the screen, but then after several seconds just comes back. Nothing I do in that time seems to make any difference.

It shows the connected screen when USB to Connect

In Connect, it shows (from memory) 68xx ish available and the SD is greyed out. From Connect Europe or even just UK maps are bigger at 8xxx. It also states the system is up to date!!

Try to add a map from connect and it just refuses as insufficient space. No offer to reduce the size mentioned in the text.

During firmware restore, Connect put temp files on the 32Gb SD (security, etc) so it can access the SD.

Beginning to get annoyed, as the 5100 is not that old, and it must have been known that maps would gain size!
AHHHHHH, PROGRESS................. :D

Decided to look for and try loading a small map, and found Taiwan map was "small" (Sorry, Taiwan!).

This loaded from Connect (presumably to memory), and then very next thing the 5100 did was ask if I wanted the SD to store Routes or Maps, so OBVIOUSLY Maps!! :rolleyes:

It then formatted the already formatted card, and back to normal 5100 menu (no map warning or one displayed, but then I wasn't in Taiwan! o_O

Back to Connect, chose Europe, and it is downloading it now (to SD no less :mad:) with as I write 13% done and an hour plus left to go.

Having been around computers for a long time, it beggars belief that you have to choose to store to SD Routes OR Maps, but not both. WHY?? They are only files in folders................ :mad::mad:

Why do you only get the SD option AFTER you have a map in anyway, surely any sane system would check Memory, check SD, and offer the right option?
All seems to be working (after over fifteen minutes "finding" traffic info again!)

Thanks again for help, you might like to note for others use that the system ONLY unlocked when I managed to load a (small) map to memory. Only THEN did it recognise SD drive/card and flag for format and routes/maps choice.
Glad you got it sorted.
BTW I am using the Egypt map for testing and I don't apologise for it. ;->)

I do not use routes myself but, I think the reason for the question is about formatting the disc.
For Routes you can add all kinds of road trips, remove the SD card and share the info with others.
For maps the card is formatted differently so that the data is encoded.
Having driven in and around Cairo I can assure that a Sat Nav would be totally worthless, since there is no logic or planned direction at all to the often opposing flows of vehicles.

Last time we watched with growing puzzlement in a typical traffic jam as a tipper lorry loaded crosswise with cows jammed in head/tail/head/tail slowly managed to force its way alongside a lorry loaded with Bananas. Then the penny dropped, he was trying to get the cows a free meal!! He got along one side for about a minute, but we never saw if he managed to get the cows heads the other side a meal!
Thank you to all contributors to this thread, At last I am making progress after 3 weeks trying to update my maps on my Go6100. Fingers crossed everything will complete. Attached is the crashlog from when I first started


  • ttcrashlog-17.12.14-20200912T172213.txt
    9.3 KB · Views: 117

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