GO5100 still has an old map from a previous device

Jun 7, 2016
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Let me say first off that I have been in touch with TT Support for this and have been in steady contact with them but asking here in case anybody else has any bright ideas to solve the problem.

The problem is that when I changed devices from a VIA 120 to a GO5100, the 5100 picked up the map (UK & ROI) from the 120 despite the 5100 having worldwide maps which included full European mapping which includes UK & ROI.

Support manipulated the map list somehow and now I get a notification for the UK & ROI map that it has expired. It now shows a version of 9.40 whereas at the start of this escapade, it showed 9.65 which was current at that time.

So my question is, what holds the list of maps to which the device is entitled? Is that list held on the device somewhere or, and this is my guess, that it is held on a Tomtom server somewhere. Should the 5100 be reset to factory condition to solve this or wouldn't that help?

Any help appreciated as I don't feel I'm any nearer a solution with tech support.
The 5100 should have the full Europe map installed, not the UK & ROI map. WE suggest the user also get an 8 or 16 gb microsdhc card (SanDisk is a good choice) for future map expansion as well as additional mapping.

You should be able to call support to have additional maps added to your account for you to download. These include pretty much any maps that TomTom has available (such as USA_Canada_Mexico, Asia, etc.) A full list can be found under the REGIONS section on the following link:


Call support for further details:

United Kingdom
02079 490 134
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
So my question is, what holds the list of maps to which the device is entitled? Is that list held on the device somewhere or, and this is my guess, that it is held on a Tomtom server somewhere.
That is correct. Their server is supposed to look at individual devices and determine which is owed what in terms of old/new maps. For the longest time, each device was required to be registered to a different (even if bogus) email address to sort out which device was being connected, but that SHOULD be passe with the current MyDrive Connect and current TomTom servers. Something has gotten itself hosed on their server end, evidently, and as dhn says, you'll need to deal with tech support to straighten it out since they're the folks who can directly manipulate the server as needed. With a 5100 or 6100, you are entitled to whatever maps suit your fancy.

I'm curious about the 5100. Does it show the standard 8GB of internal memory, or 16GB?
@dhn - the device already has a 16GB SDHC card in it with all the maps installed on it, except for the European maps which are installed on the device itself. Thanks for the UK phone number. It's a bit late in the day now so I'll give them a call tomorrow.

@canderson - Thanks for the info regarding the servers. As for memory capacity on the device, I've just done a full reset power-on to get me to the 'console type' screen. It shows total memory as 498MB with 489MB free. It then shows 'Internal flash size' of 7456MB and 15193MB on the SD card. With the European map installed on the device, in graphics mode and hooked up to My Drive Connect, that shows 413MB free on the device and 4308MB free on the card. Hope that helps. If you need any more info, just shout and I'll take a look.
No, that will do it, thanks. Wasn't sure if perhaps the 'world' models come with 16GB.
I've had an update on ths saga. I called UK Support on the 8th of June and spoke to somebody - I'll leave out the names - who insisted that I install the v9.40 of UK & ROI map so that I could uninstall it! That wasted several minutes to achieve precisely nothing.

I called back almost an hour later and spoke to somebody different. This time I got more sense. She explained that the problem was caused by the previous device and so all the various maps, those from the old unit and those from the 5100 are shown. She tried to modify/delete my account but couldn't as it was locked. I was told that she would escalate to a second level team who would delete and re-create my account. I had been asked by another person much earlier in this saga to create a different account and hence a different email address. When the second level team re-created my account, it went back to the previous email address but that wasn't an issue. When I got the email confirming that the account had been re-created, using the old email address I logged in to find that the 5100 no longer has the UK & ROI maps on it. Also though it no longer shows lifetime maps and speed cameras.

I've thanked support for their efforts and asked that the lifetime options be reinstated. That was a few days ago (the 8th) but the weekend has intervened so perhaps something will happen today. At least they've solved one problem so hopefully they can solve this one too. Onwards and upwards ;-)
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Final update. I heard back from Tomtom UK Support today and I am happy to say that it is now fixed. I have today downloaded a couple of updated maps and a new set of speed camera updates. I think the moral of the story is to talk to sombeody rather than try using the online support. That way you tell them if things are not working to your satisfaction and keep trying until they are rather than have two or three days between each interaction as they were when dealing with TT online.
On the whole, we recommend the phone call vs. the digital here. Almost always avoids several rounds of 'no, not that' experiences, and much shorter wait time.

Glad that they got the account sorted.

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