Replace SD card on GO5100

Dec 16, 2019
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Since the new Europe map does not fit on my tomtom, I bought a sd card. I looked for instructions in the manual, but found no.
for a start: where do I stick it in? The slot in the middle is too big for the sd card and too small for the sd cardholder.

thanks for giving directions :)
Hope you didn't buy a full size SD card, but rather a micro-SD (uSD) card. The larger one won't fit.
Hi all,
thanks for this information, and yes, my card fits in. I will try to get it to work. Should have thought of Youtube as primary source of knowledge :)
Update: managed to get it working. At first the card was not recognized, I reformatted it to FAT on my computer. Still not recognized when inserted.
Then I did a reset on my GO5100, as instructed on the site. Then the card was recognized in the GO5100 but it asked me to format the card, I did this and then I had to format it again. After this I got the message that the card was unfit for TomTom!
I nevertheless tried to download on the card and it worked! Impression is that the unit is working faster now.
Typical experience for TomTom material: user feedback is poor, instructions are not exact enough, in the end it sort of works.
Thanks for helping out here!

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