Do Live Services still work if the 1005 battery fails ?

Feb 15, 2016
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A simple question which I am sure I have seen mentioned somewhere, but which slot it was posted in I can not recall.
I have scoured the site for any info and come up with nowt.
It is just a simple question, to which I hope there will be a simple answer.
If the battery in my Go Live 1005 is on the blink, and will not hold charge, do the Live Services (Traffic, Weather etc.) still work ?
On my old 730, even when the battery failed, most things seemed to function ok once the device was plugged in to the 12v socket on the dash, but I am lead to believe that this is not the case with the 1005.
Any info on this issue would be most welcome. Like I say, I am sure I have seen this mentioned somewhere, but I just can not find any reference to the topic now.
I do not think Live Services will survive a flat battery but you might want to confirm with support:

United Kingdom
02079 490 134
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

You may wish to consider just replacing the battery though.
Not sure if it is a NAV3 device.
If yes, while plugged in, see what it shows at Live Services > My Services.
Also look at Settings > Connections > Network.
In an attempt to at least provide basic navigation services, Live will be disabled if the device determines that it is receiving insufficient power to support both the basic device and the modem for Live services. The internal cell modem of a TomTom with the Live feature uses a fair bit of power when in operation.

Might be time to consider swapping out your 1005's battery. If you are at all handy, it's certainly not an insurmountable DIY project. Advise if you're interested. I assume it's the original battery?
FYI - your older 730 should have behaved this way as well. Some units have even limited speaker volume in an attempt to keep the device running!
Thank you, one and all, for the input.

The reason I was asking was purely out of interest, as I will be undertaking a lengthy trip 'sur le continent', and was just wondering what would be the result of battery failure; something that seems not to be uncommon on the 1005 unit..

This device is now two years old and is still running on its original battery.

I am lead to believe that opening the back and popping in a new battery is not a five minute job, and is probably something best left to those who know what they are doing..

My reference to using the 730 unit, was basically incorrect, as I now recall that I was using the RDS-TMC feature, and not Live Traffic.

I do not know if the 1005 is also able to use RDS-TMC, and whether, or not, battery failure would affect that function also ?
My reference to using the 730 unit, was basically incorrect, as I now recall that I was using the RDS-TMC feature, and not Live Traffic.
And of course, my reference to your 730 may not have made any sense, either. It was the 740 that came with integrated Live support!

After 2 years on the original 1005 battery, it's true that it wouldn't be a surprise if it was tired. However, I'm surprised that any 1005 is only 2 years old. Seems like they stopped manufacturing those quite a bit longer back.
Excellent video, thanks THN, I may well utilise that at some future date. It's a little too late to sort it out now as I depart soon.
I purchased this 1005 device, complete with all the data required to prevent me driving my motorhome under bridges that are too low, or down roads that are too narrow,(something that had occurred once or twice when using the old 730) from an outfit called TTW Partners, in April 2015.
This 1005 can be configured for car, caravan-towing, or motorhome. Each set up accepts all the size and weight variables, and so far I have not been lead up the garden path.
It may well be that this was one of the last of the 'converted' 1005 units that TTW had lying around on their store room shelves.
Ah, right. Not all of the 1005 versions worked as 'caravan' units. The 'caravan' unit variants started with serial SJ, SR or ST. The other 1005-based models (serial starting with SA, SB, SE, SF, SI, or SQ) didn't have that feature. In order to keep one in the 'stable' of units a bit longer, 'caravan' models were sold for a bit longer.

Some of the above were released with model numbers other than 1005, but were basically from the same mold. Been a while since I've looked at those!
The device in question is Ser. No. 'ST'. I guess it must have been one of the last off the shelf.

I just hope the battery lasts for the duration of my Motorhome trip.

Thanks for the assistance.

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