Live services not working properly on XL Live IQ Routes

Jun 11, 2016
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I paid for live services on my XL Live IQ Routes in November.

When I try to use live services such as local search, I get a messages which says "Your live services are still active but you can extend them. Do you want to do this?". I press no and it takes me back to the map screen.

Every time I use the fuel price function I get a messages which says "Your live services are still active but you can extend them. Do you want to do this?" I press no and get local prices but they are completely out of date. Last update shows "no info available" so I have no idea how old it is.

Sometimes I get the same sales message and it when I press no takes me back to the previous page and sometimes it tells me I need a subscription to use the service.

When I look at my services, it shows fuel prices Europe as having expired in November 2014 and places having expired in November 2015.

What is going on? anyone?
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However, I do not recall TomTom advising me that fuel price information was no longer being updated and in the section of TomTom home where you go to renew live services, fuel prices are listed as one of the services available. It was partly because of this that I paid for the renewal.

If fuel price information is no longer being updated then TomTom should stop putting them in the renewal information. edit: just found buried in the small print that fuel prices is still available but only on three of the Go models.

Anyway, it isn't just that. I find it annoying that the message about extending my service prevents me from using most features of live service properly.
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