GO510, installed WE map from DVD,can not activate it

Dec 22, 2007
One year ago I bought Go510 Great Britain unit + Map of Western Europe on DVD as well. Whole year I used my TomTom without any major problems.
I tried to install WE map on my 510 but I noticed that I have to buy new biger memory stick.
I bought it couple days ago because in next days I'm going on holiday to Canary Island and I need it. I tried to install all maps again on new memory stick.

During the install progress system is asking for product code.
My code match with WE product and with Canary Island which are on my DVD in version 6.5

Unfortunately after successful instalation when I start device system and choose new map system is warning - map is not activated, I should go to www.ttcode.com. I received my activation code but when I typed it to device next sceen showed it is wrong code for this product. I tried to activate WE map and Canary I. and it doesn't work.

I used clear_flash.exe file and it doesn't help too.

I formated this card again. I copied whole my oryginal card (GB) to new one. System is working with GB fine. I installed WE maps again and it still doesn't works. Maps must be activated but sorry this code is not correct.

It's very important for me because on 24th I'm going to Canary and I don't have any GPS or map.

Thanks in advance for every suggestions



Normally, the product code comes on a plastic 'credit card'. Did you receive something like this with the DVD?
Yes, I've got this card

At website ttcode.com I type my product code and device code and it gived me activation code, which doesn't work :(



As I mentioned I readed it before and downloaded clear_flash from TomTom website. Unfortunately it doesn't help :(

Anyway, thanks

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