GO 930 Lost Computer Voices

Aug 22, 2008

Downloaded/installed new GO930 app software and latest NA maps

Not sure what I did but in process I lost ability to use Computer Voices in spite of the fact that I have added them to both the Device and SD card via home

When I look at what is on my device and card with Home, the computer voices are not shown

On the Device Loquendo TTS folder is 210 MB, on SD Card 196 MB

When I look into both folders I see info for the Computer voices

Bottom line is I cannot select them from Tom

Any ideas?


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Well, the Loquendo folder should be in one place or the other, not both. Is your application on the internal storage or the card? (It'll boot to where the application is located).

First, try a pin reset on the unit. If that doesn't solve the problem, use Home to remove the computer voices from both locations (use Device-->Switch device) to access both locations for removal.

Once the Computer voices are removed, use Home to dl and install the voices once more. Try (if space available) to install the computer voices in the same meory location as the map is located.

Before doing any of that: 1) Make an Explorer, not Home, backup of both memory locations.

And, before that, try the pin reset.
Thanks for your help.

On the device I have the application and the NA map - on the card, the European map (which i have never used) and the app

I did the pin reset by
1) Turning on the device - it booted to the card
2) Pressed Pin reset for 15-20 seconds
3) device did not reboot so I had to turn it on
4) still no computer voices

Should I remove the app from the device to see if that would make a difference?

Or perhaps put the app and the NA map on the device and use the Card for the Euro map and other optional files?

Or perhaps just do as you suggest and remove voices in both places and reload them (I had done this yesterday with no difference wrt availability of comp voices)

Problem solved


I discussed this with TomTom and they were not much help - they did say that I should have only one instance of the application

So here is what I did, removed the app and NA map from the SD card and placed both on the device (along with Trip Master and Height)

Removed everything from the card and installed the European map on it

This resulted in no change - still no computer voices.

I was able to download them from my computer, installed them on my device, but they were never available on the device. Logic said that the copies on the Computer were bad so I used Explorer to remove them from the Home/FromDevice directory.

That did it - I downloaded and installed them from the website instead of the computer and they worked like a champ

Thanks for your help


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