GO 730 doesn't connect to computer

Nov 10, 2008
York County, Pennsylvania
TomTom Model(s)
GO 300, GO 730
I have a new 730. I have been trying to back up the original files by connecting it to the dock and turning the TT on. Unlike my GO 300, the 730 is not asking me if I want to connect it to the computer. Does this mean that the only way it will connect is via HOME? I prefer backing up the original file set thru a Window Explorer clone then thru HOME. Also, does the new HOME version have any problems with GO 300s or 730s since I'll have both registered on the program? I presently have HOME 2.4 installed.
It is best to have each unit associated with a separate account at TT Home (in other words, a different email address for each).

Try that.

Also, try a pin reset. Finally check the information in the link here
I see the problem now. It won't work if connected via a hub (although the 300 has no problem in that regard).

On the other hand, having to use a different email address on HOME would seem to complicate matters a tad.

Have you heard of any problems moving up to HOME 2.5 from 2.4 with any of the devices? I know that updating the firmware on the 300 from 7.6 to 7.9 caused problems if the 8.15 maps aren't used.

And thank you, BTW, for your advice.

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