GO 730: Cleaning up the internal memory

Sep 19, 2008
Jersey Shore, USA
TomTom Model(s)
GO 730, XL IQ Routes Edition, VIA 1605
I've run out of space on the internal memory of my GO 730 and can't do any more updates. I've been moving files to the expansion memory for a long time and have little more than the application, map, and a single computer voice on the internal memory, at least as far as TT Home is concerned. I'm now looking at the files themselves to see if there's anything superfluous in there.

In the root directory, I see nearly 20 meg in *.chk files. That file type is listed as "Recovered File Fragments". Can I safely delete these and gain that space back? Are there any other areas where I can delete files to get myself some space? I'm thinking about the "Install TomTom Home" executable and the contents of that directory; that would buy me a little more, and I don't think I'll ever need to install that from the device again.

Finally, could someone please confirm that the computer voice must be on the internal memory or it won't work. ISTR this being the case.

Thanks in advance,
Do NOT delete the files with an extension of .chk. They are NOT recovered file fragments since the application is Linux based and files with that extension are necessary for functionality.

You can delete the Install TomTom Home executable. You can delete anything in the license folder. You should keep the computer voice on internal.


Since the 730 with the latest application (9.510) can utilize up to a 32 gb sdhc card (not sd), I don't know what your concern is........ In fact, you can move the specific map folder to a sdhc card and leave lots of room for the application and everything else on internal. An 8 gb sdhc with a fast speed (class 6+) from a well known company like SanDisk will work well.
Indeed - many of us keep our map folders out on the memory card and leave everything else on internal.
Okay, thank you. I read elsewhere about the *.chk files so thankfully did not delete them. I didn't know the map files could be located on the SD card. I have a 4 gig card in there now so moving the map should not pose a problem. Might be nice to have a bigger card since I also like to keep MP3s on the expansion memory.

Can I simply move the maps or do I have to use Home for that?
As I recall (it's been a bit), all that was necessary was to move the map folder (once called North_America_2GB, but now called USA_Canada) to the uSD card, and to move the folder called 'maps' there as well. It's that latter piece that I'm not sure about. Certainly won't hurt a thing to put it on the uSD - I just can't recall if it's essential.

Before doing so, be sure you have an adequate backup of your unit. We recommend this method >>> https://www.tomtomforums.com/thread...-to-the-computer-and-how-to-restore-it.17864/
Essentially, it's just using your computer's normal copy / paste method to copy the contents of your 730 to a secure folder somewhere on your PC.
Okay, I did as you recommended and it all works fine. I'm trying to keep this old GO730 going since nothing TomTom currently markets can match it for functionality. The loss of itinerary planning on their current units has really taken TT down in my eyes. I use that function to plan car club rallies and recreational drives and nothing else works nearly as well, so I won't be looking to upgrade any time soon.
...since nothing TomTom currently markets can match it for functionality.
Yeah, that's been noted a time or two :rolleyes:. I've got a 740 that I still keep in good running order for the same reasons.

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