GO 720 favorites menu limited space

Jun 7, 2014
TomTom Model(s)
GO 720
Does anybody know how to create a sub-menu to allow saving favorites under a separate name, say ITALY?
You can create a poi CATEGORY and populate it with favourites of your choice. There is essentially no limit to the number of poi points in each poi category.
Thank you dhn. I understand the idea, but how do I actually create a new category under poi? Could you give me an example? When I open the poi menu it offers me a choice of poi´s, "near home", "in town", "near destination" etc. What do I do next?
Change Preferences-->Manage POIS (page 2 of 8 of Preferences)-->Add POI category-->next screen is the keyboard to name your category, such as Italian-->click 'ok'-->next screen is a marker screen where you can select the colour circle of the marker for each point-->next is the Add POI-->the next screen provides a listing of custom poi categories-->select Italian-->next screen is where you add the point from, such as Home, FAVORITE, Address, Recent destination, Point of Interest, etc. Select FAVORITE and continue the process until done.

THEN, in screen one of Preferences-->Show POI Category on map, ensure the Italian category IS checked. And do you want it to show in @D or 3D or both.

And that is it!

It's actually easier than it looks.

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