Moving Favorites from TomTom 720 to Garmin 750

Dec 24, 2006
Toledo OH
TomTom Model(s)
TT VIA 1605
Is there a way to transfer the favorites from a TomTom 720 to a Garmin nuvi 750? Thank you,


Yep, one at the time manually. :)

At least that's the only way I know to do it. Garmin & Tomtom use different formats for storing favorites and there's not enough demand for someone to have written a program to convert one to the other. AFAIK.
What you might do is:

1) Create a new POI category (e.g. Tom_tom_fav) on your TT
2) Using Manage POI, add your favorites to the new category
3) Using one of many tools e.g. POIEdit, convert the ov2 file to csv or whatever the garmin uses.
4) On the garmin create your favorites from the POI file. Or just use the POI function to navigate.

If you have lots of favorites it might be worth while.

I'm not familiar with Garmin units, but this should work. If not, I'm sure someone will be along to tell me why!

Good Luck


the above should work fine. the only thing I would add is you don't need to create a new poi category....just open the mapsettings.cfg file with poiedit and convert to garmin csv. mapsettings.cfg is your favorites file.

while you have it open in poiedit, you can delete anything you don't need before doing the csv conversion.

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