Does TomTom Go show traffic only around my location?

Aug 3, 2023
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TomTom Model(s)
TomTom GO and AmiGO (both Android)
I'm located in Slovenia. When I open an application, I can see traffic information in Slovenia and parts of nearby countries.
I understand that this behavior is probably an optimization, but why doesn't it show traffic, if I prepare a route to a destination which isn't nearby?
It seems normal that the application cannot predict the traffic that will be available several kilometers from your position.

Traffic will be available in real time only on your route.
Sorry, my English isn't good enough and maybe I didn't explain.
Example: I'm in Slovenia at the moment, but I want to check the traffic in Salzburg at the moment where my friends are at the moment.
No way. I can check it in Google Maps, but not in the TomTom GO application. Well, I can use TomTom maps in the browser.
If you want to know the traffic among your friends open Mydrive web on your computer.
Traffic information is limited to your location in the interest of saving data on your phone. It is considered using online search. But the app also uses statistic data so it will consider how likely it is if a traffic jam is still there by the time you reach a location. So if I plan a route from Amsterdam to Paris now in the early morning, online routing sees that there is a traffic jam in Antwerpen now during rush hour but it will take me an hour to get there and by then that traffic jam will most likely be resolved.
I often just want to check the traffic somewhere (our team drives over Europe). I don't need a route from my point. I fully understand that this is a limitation due to optimization.
Just asking. At the moment I open Google Maps and check there.
MyDrive app "isn't available for my device - only for older Android phone".
A better idea is to open a browser and check traffic on TomTom's map website.
Any idea what's up with TT's Android manifests that keeps causing these issues??? Surprised that this has been allowed to continue.
The problem is probably that this message is not shown to all but only some users.
Any idea what's up with TT's Android manifests that keeps causing these issues??? Surprised that this has been allowed to continue.
Actually, we released version MyDrive 2.17.0 to Google Play yesterday which should fix the issue.

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