device does not allow map install-says not enough space,but there IS space

I'm not sure where you saw a price of £20 for an SD card!

I just looked on (not the cheapest place by any means!) and the first two 4GB SDHC cards listed were £4.85 and £3.33. Both were good brands (SanDisk and Kingston).

A new SD card would be by far your simplest solution.

I looked on the TOMTOM Accessories-they wanted £19.95,but were actually out of stock. I looked on Amazon as canderson kindly suggested and there were much better value ones,but a 2 day delivery means that it wouldn't arrive till I left for the USA!
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Understand the time issue.

To reiterate, it's not possible that both maps will coexist in internal memory these days (both map sets have grown), and I think you discovered this some time back.

The ONLY ways to update the North_America_2GB map at this point is to strip your unit down to the absolute bare essentials or obtain an SD card. Please advise one more time .. is your UK/ROI map ALSO present on your unit at this time? With an SD card, you can keep both maps sets on the unit at the same time. As for price, I know they stick it to you a bit in the UK for electronics gear, but £20($30)? Should be more on the order of £7. See here for a fairly typical example of a card that will solve this nicely >>>

Before we begin in earnest, please make a backup of your unit with this procedure that we recommend >>>
With a full backup of your unit, there's no chance of getting into any ditches that aren't easily recoverable. Then we can decide where we're going with this.

Thanks for all the help.I've done the back up as you describe (the most "tecky" thing I've ever done I think!).Meanwhile TOMTOM customer service have finally been in touch,but have only suggested that that I perform the standard procedure for map upload and download,plus using mapzone (which doesn't work for my map) to reduce the file size.Not much help at all.
What else do you suggest?
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OK. In spite of what Home says, we know that there is at least a North_America_2GB map on your unit now. If you're using it in the UK, then we know there's a UK/ROI map on it as well. You can, for the moment, remove the UK/ROI map from your unit to make additional space for the North American update.

First, I want you to look at the backup you created and be sure there are two folders in it named North_America_2GB and something like UK&ROI. Each of those folders should in turn have files called cline.dat, cname.dat and cnode.dat. If those are there, we can be confident that your backup of the critical bits was successful.

If so, then I want you to go to Settings on your unit and be sure you can presently switch between the N.A. and UK maps. When you switch to N.A., it will of course give you a blank looking map with your cursor on it since you're there and the map is for somewhere else. If you can switch maps, then we know your unit knows about them (even if Home is confused).

At that point, and only then, you can delete the UK&ROI map folder from your unit. To do so, you treat your unit just like an external thumb or disk drive, ignoring Home when it fires up. It will be drive D or E or whatever. When you get back to jolly old, you can copy it back to the unit again. In the meanwhile, this will have freed up enough space to update the North American map.

Once you have deleted the folder, look at Home again and use it to properly disconnect your unit from your PC.
Hi I gave up in the end and went out and bought an SD card for £10.I have successfully transferred the USA map to the device,and it now sits alongside the UK map.
Hopefully this means that I will never again have to waste hours of my life on this issue.
By the way TOMTOM customer services were rubbish-they didn't even understand the problem,never mind be able to solve it.
Thanks for all you help
All operating properly now?
Very good. You're now operating in a way that many of us chose some time ago rather than dealing with the limitations of a 2GB device back when maps were nowhere near as large as they have become. In the long run, it's a good move. Now I'd make backups of the internal memory and the contents of the SD cards in two separate folders on your PC using that same method you used before. It makes a good stake in the ground if you ever run into troubles in the future - better than Home does, anyway.

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