Contacts Names Missing on tomtom 520

Mar 8, 2009
Can anyone help my phone (Blackberry 8310) numbers are displayed on my tom-tom 520 but there are no names? When I originally transferred my numbers it came with the names.
Is there a way to get back on track with names and numbers on tom-tom? Or will this happen every time I update my numbers from phone to tom-tom?
Thanks DHN. At least now I can fix this.

But, I'm still trying to figure out how to get back to the functionality of uploading that data from my BlackBerry. I think it's probably a BB issue, since the capability was messed up AFTER I upgraded the BB Curve from OS 4.4 to 4.5. On 4.4 -- Uploading contacts sent the names over. On 4.5 -- Uploading contacts sends only the numbers over, with blank fields for the names. Essentially useless as a phone directory on the GPS now.

I'm hand typing in a few now per the other link, but it's not that satisfying (and I'm not willing to manually enter a few hundred lines!).

Anybody else seeing this with their Curve or other BBs?

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