Tomtom GPSr's and the iPhone, Do they sync contacts well?

Jan 18, 2010
My Navman has been sending me the wrong way recently so I thought rather than upgrading the maps I might look at a new Tomtom.
The Navman only supports ASCII so it can't sync properly with my iPhone. I just get gibberish for the contacts names. Navman support don't know what ASCII is and suggested a map upgrade may fix my issue... :eek:
Besides, even the good folks at Tandy mentioned a Navman rep saying the new versions were difficult to use hehe.

I don't want to spend AUD$500 again as I did with my Navman, but everything is much cheaper these days.

What I'd like in a car navigator:

* Enter Long/Lat. My Navman does not support this. Do any Tomtom's?
* Text to Speech
* Sync contacts with my iPhone nicely. Or, alternatively, just work well with my iPhone through bluetooth so I can use the navigator for hands-free
* I know most (all?) Tomtoms support customisable voices.

I'd like the ability to use the navigator to enter Long/Lat as a backup second-opinion to my iPhone with Geosphere. The iPhone's GPS is not terribly accurate.

Any other suggesions for brand/model? :)

The Go 750 will do the text to speech and has Bluetooth for phone connectivety, I believe.

All tomtom models can navigate to lat/long position.
If the TomTom won't pull the phone book list from your iPhone (my 3G iPhone and 950 are fine for doing this) you have another option available which is to create your contacts list as a text file on the PC then copy it to the contacts folder on the device, try the auto transfer of contacts and if that fails ask again for details on how to enter the text in to a file for the device to use - Mike

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