Cannot save planned routes on mydrive

Jul 12, 2015
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Hi everyone. As title says i cannot save planned routes on mydrive which means i cannot save them to TomTom device. Any help would be appreciated.
I press save to destination a box flashes but says synced to my drive. The route is shown in My Places but not in My Routes.
Perhaps an identification problem between Mydrive is your GPS reset the device to factory values then reconnect with the correct identifiers.
@Len Virgo
What model TomTom do you have (I assume long since updated since the GO 730 shown by your avatar). This is a device/MyDrive connectivity issue, not an issue for the phone GO application, so I'd like to move the thread to the right section.
What I cannot understand is when I planned my first route MyDrive as saved it my routes. I then planned a second route to a different location, but it would not save it to my routes
A bit more info. When I say I planned route on my drive I want to save it to planned routes on my drive. When I have saved all my routes for this outing I will then send them to my TOMTOM device.
I'm not sure I understood everything.

If you plan a route you must save the route then a new dialog box opens you must save a new dialog box opens synchronize yes.

Each new planned route is synchronized with your GPS automatically.

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