Cannot Log In

Mar 9, 2024
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TomTom Model(s)
Via Live 120
Quite simply everytime I attempt to log in to MyDrive Connect, the screen flashes for a sec then shows a different screen then that disappears in a flash then it asks me to login again repeatedly, I've just luckily seen what it says when it does flash.. something about servers are busy or something.. So at this point i'm not sure what to do as I am unable to update my maps due to the fact I cannot login and access anything.
I have also tried:

  • Logging In around 20-40 Times (With and Without GPS Connected)
  • Clearing Cache
  • Uninstalling and Reinstalling
  • Restarting my PC
  • Turning off Anti-Virus and Firewall
  • Contacted TomTom
  • Exiting the Program and Re-Entering
  • Re-Download the Installation .exe

But after all of this I still get the same thing every single time and at this point i'm stuck, I have a GPS that I can't use because this software refuses to work..

Edit: I have an FN model
This is just an idea, did you try with another cable.
Yeah I did unfortunately still did nothing, connects fine 100% was able to update it but if I am to purchase a map to update the Map Software I won't have access to it until I am able to login.
I am having the same issue - have reinstalled MyDrive, and changed my password/ When I try to login flashes a page which looks like a spanner then returns to login page. Saying servers busy for me too.

Unfortunately I can't update my satnav.
Same issue here on my GO51 Nav4. Last updated 5 days ago and since yesterday have not been able to log back in to MyDrive Connect - get the 'servers busy' message and screen returns to the login fields. Have uninstalled and reinstalled, changed passwords, opened another account - no luck. Have tried on 2 computers with same result. Unfortunately my model does not have the Wi-Fi & Bluetooth options, so am stuck.
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Hi at all, I've the ame issue since yesterday.
I have opened a ticket to the customer support: hopefully it will be resolved
Well, it seems to be a new problem?
My Go Exclusive was right out of the box yesterday......and then this 🙄😁
I have a Support Ticket too.
Will tell you if I get a solution
I'm having the same issue and found the thread trying to search for a solution.
I've just reset my device and now its unusable as I can't login. I tried reinstalling MyDrive Connect on my mac and it's having the same issues.
Same issue being reported worldwide. Going to have to wait until they get the server straightened out, it seems.

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