This Route Cannot be Calculated?

Mar 29, 2024
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I have imported a gpx file with 58 waypoints into MyDrive web and it reports that "This route cannot be calculated".
I have deleted waypoints from the start and from the end and in typical sod's law fashion it seems to be around waypoint 30 smack, bang in the middle that it doesn't like. I have tried moving this waypoint around but that doesn't seem to make any difference.
Is there an easy way to get the route to calculate?
If not, I could split the route into two working halves but then is there a way to join two routes back into one?
Make sure you haven't got a waypoint on a closed road or in roadworks. Also if you want to "Send Stops" you can only have 20 waypoints plus start and finish so 22 in all.
I have looked and there are no waypoints on road-closures or roadworks.

After checking a few other gpx files that won't calculate, it seems when deleting from the start and from the end, MyDrive starts calculating at different waypoints so it is not possible to pin down a single waypoint that causes the issue. It would be helpful if MyDrive gave some clue as to what or where it finds a problem but sadly it doesn't.

I don't get the same problem in MRA which just opens the files and works out a route but if I export a gpx file and bring that into MyDrive I'm back to square one with a can't calculate message. Very frustrating.
If you would like to send me one of the problematic files I'll take a look at it and see if I can fathom what is wrong.
Well I guess there's nothing private or personal in it, so, here is an example problematic file. Odd that you can't add a file to a PM though.

Thanks for looking!
I can't see the file on the post above? GPX is not a recognised file type on the attach files dialogue so maybe you can only attach media files?

Admin haven't responded yet so maybe they will have some suggestions.
Having taken a look at this route I found lots of errors, waypoints not on roads, waypoint on top of waypoint, far too many points for the length of the route. The best way forward would be to start from scratch, in my very humble opinion.
Indeed. I had tried deleting some of the superfluous waypoints but it never got to the point of cleaning it up completely.

Is it possible to print or export the waypoint names to ease the recreation process?

Thanks for taking a look.
Do you have it set to avoid certain road types? If it says no unpaved roads it may not be able to get to a place. Same for tolls, etc.
I have the same problem!
myroute-app give ok and garmin give ok…
No it wasn't set to avoid anything. The route has been recreated from scratch now and it works.

The route was one that I had downloaded and even though it was far from the cleanest route ever with many more waypoints than necessary I think MyDrive should have been able to create a route from it. MRA managed to create a route. I couldn't identify the particular thing(s) that made it fail on MyDrive, it just doesn't seem to tolerate imperfect waypoint placement.
I noticed something! the same entire route that doesn't calculate for me, I divided it into 5 days, exactly the same roads, so it is calculated! the entire route has 75 waypoints, I don't think it's the maximum that Tomtom can support, there should be more if I remember correctly...

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