How to plan a normal route with multiple stops on this thing??

Mar 22, 2024
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TomTom Model(s)
Rider 550
I purchased a rider 550. Now i want to go to a specific city but i want to add stops along the way. When i press and hold on some road,it only gives me the option "use as starting point" or just ride. Can i not somehow just hold my finger on some village road,then hold it again 50km on some other road and have it make a route? If not,i seriously made a wrong purchase... All I want is a basic waypoint function like google maps. There is what I want on "Plan a thrill" but it just gives you a crazy route to your stops to make it interesting i guess

I haven't used the PC app yet,I assumed all these things are possible from the device,kinda pointless if I have to do everything on the computer
Before adding stops you need to plan a route from A to B have you done this?
For some reason, TomTom insists on doing route planning in reverse. I've never understood this counterintuitive approach.

You have to set your final destination first, then add stops *in reverse* back towards your starting point.
Try that, and I think you'll find it works as you expect. For the additional stops, as you locate points on the map, the little tripple dot will offer you the opportunity to add the point to your route.
Personally, i never use the GPS unit for creating a route that contains multiple stops. I only use it to route me from A to B.

If I want to create a route with stops I use the phone app or use my computer.
Try Tyre (trace your route anywhere) PC software.
It's created, and regularly maintained by a Dutch guy specifically for motorcyclists.
I ve been using it successfully for many years for creating long and complex rides.
It can also create road books, and do all sorts of interesting stuff.
And it's free
Have fun - spring is coming

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