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Sep 28, 2023
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I received an email from TomTom today about their new updated online planner.
Just wondering if anyone has tried it yet?
Yes. You'll need to rediscover what buttons do what!
Creating routes on

It's still missing that you can click a location on the map to add a starting point, destination or stop.
Hi Juergen, yes you can zoom into the map, click on a road and set it as the starting point.
You can also do it to another point and set it as the destination.
I have just done it.
You can then sync it to your devices as a route.

The only thing I am having a problem with, is where it shows that you can save the route for later use. It doesn't do it?
Click the menu left to the search field, then My items > Routes. It's listed there. Or on your GO Discover in the Main Menu under My Routes.
Click the menu left to the search field, then My items > Routes. It's listed there. Or on your GO Discover in the Main Menu under My Routes.
The route I create does sync to my devices my Go Superior, IPhone app and Ipad via WiFi.

What it doesn't do is save it on the left hand side of the map page where it says Use this page to save all the routes that you love and want to use for later. This is shown on the routes tab in my Items.
This version of Mydrive should have remained beta and the old version should still be available. Not only are there still several bugs and imperfections in the new version, the functionality has also become a lot less. I have now come to a point where I no longer want to use this version of Mydrive.

1. Not being able to save custom settings such as language
2. If I want to edit my account I have to create a new account?
3. Most of my routes no longer work and when I want to edit them I get the message "This route cannot be calculated".No alternatives are shown on the map and no recalculation takes place
4. Round trip option has disappeared?
5 etc, etc

All in all, this version was not ready for production. I assume that beta versions have been tested first. Why didn't these kinds of basic issues stand out during testing.
I work with a clean version of Edge, cache and coockies removed and no addblockers, Also the comments that it has to be tested on Edge is ridiculous and so 2000s. (IE vs Netscape).

I want my old version back, but somehow it isn't available. I regret letting it upgrade.
On your PC you used to be able to sync it as a route, with all of its waypoints. You can't seem to do that now by de-selecting the option to sync it as a track it just de-syncs the route - well the track.
Why on earth would they do that?
I mean what good is a planned 350klm day that doesn't have any stops in it, viewpoints and other such places you're wanting to see. Sure you go THROUGH them, but you don't know that if you've never been there before.
Or am I missing something here?
BUT, if I do all the planning on my PC (I can use BaseCamp to do that as well) then save it and then open it in the MyDrive APP on my phone I can then sync it with all the waypoints and open the ROUTE in Go Navigation on the same phone.
Now there's logic for you :-
Understanding that Basecamp doesn't have data about speeds and traffic in its maps, so not good for day to day routing for most use cases, the user interface side is vastly better than that of the online TomTom product. Heck, MapSource (the predecessor to Basecamp) had a better UI!
Thanks for that.
The Base Camp comment was merely an aside.
My issue is that TomTom Plan will import a gpx file with lots of waypoints which can be edited, but it doesn't sync those waypoints with MyDrive as a route, only a track. Which isn't any good if you're touring, or even day tripping.
I'm wondering if it's designed that way or should I be able to deselect the 'sync as track' and it should sync as a route.
In other words is it a bug in the new version?
You can "Send Stops" to the device which will then be an .itn route on your device.
Once you have imported the .gpx to the new planner, click on the route and then click "Edit"
You then get two choices Description or Route, choose Route. Click on "Save as New" then click cancel on the pop up box, you will now see the "Export" function click Export and "Send Stops to Device"
The limit is still 20 stops, Et voila
Yes, but that's with the MyDrive App and OLD Desktop version.
The new PC Desktop thing is TomTom Plan which doesn't allow that to happen - from what I can see anyway. It'll only sync as a track which is what MyDrive used to do as well but they eventually fixed it.
Only to break it again with this new TomTom Plan.
Very frustrating. It makes it completely unusable.

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