Online Route Planner vs. 2535 Go Live

Dec 3, 2011
TomTom Model(s)
Go 2535 M Live
Can anyone tell me why the TomTom online route planner is giving very different routes and travel times than my 2535 Go Live unit? The unit has the latest updates installed and when I put the exact same From and To addresses in the route planner and the 2535 M devices I am getting 2 completely different routes and travel times.

It makes no sense. When comparing the online and 2535 it seems to identify the same traffic incidents but the 2535 drives me right into a traffic incident while the online planner routes me around them. Also if I look at the route map on the 2535 I can find a incident, but in the route summary on the Live tab it is showing no incidents.

I bought this unit because I was impressed with the online route planner and assumed an HD traffic unit would perform the same. The online route planner was providing what I considered good travel times which I figured was due to some interesting routes it was providing to avoid traffic and congestion.

In addition to the difference between the 2535 and the online route planner, the unit seems to do a poor job of providing the quickest routes avoiding traffic it knows about. I have several options of getting from my home to the main highway (LIE). The device gave me a route to get to this highway on the one route option that had road construction and a known delay. When I used the modify route option and chose to avoid that road, the tomtom adjusted the route and provided a quicker arrival time. Isn't the device supposed to do that automatically? Why would I have to manually tell it to avoid a know incident?

Additional Info:
Map version: USA_Canada_and_Mexico v880.3856 Release 10/2011
GPS 2.16.201
App Version: 11.023.774543.84 (2414, 10/11/2011)
HD Traffic is active
Unit is set to always plan fastest routes

Thanks to anyone who can help!
Welcome to TTF.

I'm curious as to where you got build 2414 as shown in your sig line.
The 2414 came from Settings/Version Information on the device. I installed the latest updates on Thursday 12/1 through MyTomTom app.

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