Online Map Correction Report not working

Jun 5, 2013
United States
TomTom Model(s)
If anyone has discovered that when you use the online Map Correction Error Report section and you get an email that says the report was not accepter, CS gave a solution. The problem is the amount of notices that it is receiving from people sending in updates. The CS solution is to resubmit the map correction. The system is just getting bogged down. That is why a couple of my reports were accepted and others were not. The more people in a particular area report, the more bogged down it will get. On the big map where you see the icon on how many times it has been reported, you will see a number higher then one. That is normal according to CS. Hope this clears up a lot.

Mike Pastor
I haven't seen that (yet). Just submitted another change early in the week, and the email response was positive (see below). Can you explain what you were trying to change?

The "number bigger than one" is because at the map zoom you have selected, it can't separate our your changes clearly on the map, so it shows how many you have requested in that area. Zoom up, and they get divided, and the number goes away.

Again, give us an idea of what you were trying to change, and we'll have a look at it here to see if we can assist.

[FONT=Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif]You recently submitted a TomTom map change through Map Share Reporter. And here’s the good news: we’re adding it to our next map release!

Thanks for taking the time to report the correction. People like you help drivers throughout the TomTom community enjoy even better navigation.

Of course, roads are changing all the time. So if you see anything else on your map that needs to be changed, do tell us. You know it can make a real difference!

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